A European of all people shattered the all-time record for the most viewers on Twitch – 3.35 million - Bark Sedov
A European of all people shattered the all-time record for the most viewers on Twitch – 3.35 million

A European of all people shattered the all-time record for the most viewers on Twitch – 3.35 million

A European of all people shattered the all-time record for the most viewers on Twitch – 3.35 million

On Saturday, June 25th, the all-time record for most concurrent viewers on Twitch was broken. With 3.35 million viewers, the Spaniard Ibai Llanos Garatea (27) now holds the record: He organized and broadcast a mixture of boxing event and show for five and a half hours. Ibai became popular in 2014 with his League of Legends streams, since then he has exploded and is considered an internet celebrity in Spain.

What record is it? It’s about the most concurrent viewers on a stream on Twitch.

Here in the stats we are talking about the All Time Peak Viewers column:

lol record
A lot more people watched the Ibai event than the presentation of the new PlayStation or the LoL World Championship (via twitchtracker).

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Where is the record so far?

These were the predecessors of Ibai:

Twitch: Who were the first successful streamers?

A huge spectacle on Twitch for 5.5 hours

How did he set this record?? On June 25th, Ibai organized a big boxing event “La Velada Del Año II”. It should be the “Event of the Year”. He had already hosted such an event in 2021 and achieved great success.

The event lasted five and a half hours and that’s how long Ibai streamed it on his huge Twitch channel with 11 million followers:

  • The event featured 5 boxing matches, with other acts in between, such as short concerts (via twitter).
  • Event sponsors include Disney+, Spotify, Samsung and PlayStation Plus.
  • The event took place in the multi-purpose hall “Badalona Olympic Pavilion”, the hall holds over 12,000 spectators. Otherwise a basketball club plays there.

The stream had the most viewers during the third fight between Momo and Viruzz.

Something was really going on:

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Spanish language Twitch is growing extremely fast

Why is this so huge? Three factors come together:

  • The Spanish language Twitch has outperformed the English language Twitch in the last year – the creators there are huge on social media. Apparently they are not only seen in Spain, but also in South America. Ibai is not an isolated case: some Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking streamers are among the world’s largest streamers today and are growing extremely badly
  • Gaming is currently in a crisis: There are hardly any big games coming out. But Twitch has grown a lot during the pandemic. There is apparently a great desire to see “typical TV events” on Twitch – such as “celebrity boxing.” In Germany, the streamer Knossi has achieved similar success with events à la RTL 2.
  • At other events, like the launch of the PS5, viewers are spread across multiple channels, but Ibai has managed to keep viewers focused on its event

Some German Twitch streamers are known for importing trends from abroad:

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From LoL streamer to mainstream entertainer

Who is Ibai? Ibai has had a “typical streamer” career, breaking into fame with content for a specific game, in his case League of Legends.

Over the years he emancipated himself from the game, went more and more in a “general” direction, also moved away from gaming a bit, became an entertainer and built up a huge media presence.

Today he only occasionally plays the biggest games like LoL, Minecraft or FIFA in his twitch stream, otherwise he spends a lot of time in “Just Chatting”.

Ibai now has its own LoL team. German influencers follow the example

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