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A new Subnautica game seems to be happening

A new entry in the subnautica series comes as Unknown Worlds begins expanding its team for the next subnautica universe project. The studio’s first-person survival game series has previously featured two distinct areas of a single planet, but the details seem to point to even higher ambitions this time.

There are currently two games in the subnautica -Series that allow the player to explore and survive in a specific area of ​​the ocean-covered alien planet 4546-B. The first game featured a lush tropical area, while the second took place a few years later on the planet’s polar ice cap.


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A job posting posted on Unknown Worlds’ official social media describes a position for a Senior Narrative Designer, indicating that the applicant will start very early in the game’s development and have a major impact on the story. The post confirms that the game will be set in the same universe, but doesn’t specify whether it will be a direct sequel or a spinoff. subnautica is heavily narrative driven, giving a new writer the opportunity to take the series in interesting directions. Interestingly, the post states “a new sci-fi world,” indicating that the game may be set to take place on a different planet than 4546-B.

Given that subnautica‘s terrifying sci-fi universe contains many hints that it might share a universe with the previous Unknown Worlds series Natural selectiona new subnautica entry might bring the parallels even closer together. Although the Natural selection Series focuses on competitive play and subnautica being single-player only, more connections between games would create a deeper web of lore for fans to delve into, much like the path half-life shares his universe portal although the games take place in very different settings and tones.

That subnautica series is known for relying heavily on player feedback, with both games going through lengthy Early Access periods to ensure player opinions are taken into account. With the new game being in development, it could be a long time before more news emerges, but if Unknown Worlds continues to follow the path of Early Access, it could be in the hands of players sooner than some are expecting. If the previous two subnautica Games are a hint, it will be worth the wait either way.

Although survival games are a very popular genre, there are still few games that treat the survival aspects in the same way subnautica does. The added time pressure of underwater oxygen demands and the imaginative yet believable alien worlds are hard to beat, and the universe is ripe for many more stories to be told within. Even with a new game possibly years away, the current one is subnautica Entries hide many secrets that some players have yet to discover.

subnautica is now available for macOS, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

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