After abortion decision: Biden calls Supreme Court "extremist" - Bark Sedov
After abortion decision: Biden calls Supreme Court “extremist”

After abortion decision: Biden calls Supreme Court “extremist”

After abortion decision: Biden calls Supreme Court “extremist”

Status: 07/01/2022 10:08 p.m

US President Biden has criticized the US Supreme Court in clear words: The Supreme Court is an “extremist court” and is throwing the US back into the past. The background is a decision on abortion rights.

US President Joe Biden has again attacked the US Supreme Court with harsh words after its decision on abortion rights. “I share the public outrage at this extremist court,” Biden said at a meeting with governors. The court wants to take the US back in time and curtail rights, Biden said.

Under ex-President Donald Trump, the Supreme Court has moved far to the right. Biden also indicated that before the congressional elections this fall, he sees no way to suspend an age-old rule in the Senate — the so-called filibuster — to legislate for a nationwide abortion right in the United States. “Right now we don’t have the votes in the Senate,” he said. He hopes that will change after the elections in November.

“Called the Supreme Court extremist,” Kerstin Klein, ARD Washington, on Biden’s criticism after the abortion verdict

tagesschau24 9:30 p.m., July 1, 2022

Slight majority of Democrats

Biden’s Democratic Party currently only has a wafer-thin majority in the Senate. She controls 50 seats, i.e. exactly half – and is therefore regularly slowed down by the filibuster. However, not all democrats are behind the suspension of the regulation. Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona have previously opposed it.

Biden warned that the Republican Party could get enough momentum this fall to push legislation through Congress banning abortion nationwide.

What is the filibuster?

Of the filibuster is a more than 100-year-old regulation that states that for many bills, 60 of the 100 US senators must agree to an end to the debate in order for there to be a vote in the Congress Chamber at all.

By constantly talking – sometimes the mere threat is enough – a minority can prevent or delay the adoption of a decision. According to the rules of procedure, US senators can speak for as long as they want.

The longest speech was given by Strom Thurmond of South Carolina in August 1957: 24 hours, 18 minutes.

No national abortion law

The Supreme Court overturned abortion rights last week, arguing it was unconstitutional. Since there is no statewide law protecting the right, the legislature now rests with the states.

In addition, the US Supreme Court had also significantly slowed down Biden’s climate agenda with a decision. In the coming session, it will then negotiate, among other things, a case on electoral law, which could have significant consequences for the US presidential election in 2024.

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