Amos Pieper: That's how the coach convinced me of the Werder Bremen transfer! - Bark Sedov
Amos Pieper: That’s how the coach convinced me of the Werder Bremen transfer!

Amos Pieper: That’s how the coach convinced me of the Werder Bremen transfer!

Amos Pieper: That’s how the coach convinced me of the Werder Bremen transfer!

Bremen – Whether Ole Werner would have had what it takes to be a really good director cannot be answered with certainty. But the head coach of SV Werder Bremen must have at least a certain talent in dealing with moving images. Finally he managed to land a reinforcement for the defense with a little film. At least that’s what Amos Pieper, the newly promoted centre-back, revealed during his official presentation on Thursday.

Ole Werner had prepared a small video in which he showed scenes of how he sees me as a player and as part of his system in the team.” Amos Pieper. “It was only a short video, but it convinced me straight away.” Because Werner and the ex-Bielefeld player seem to swim in the same wave when it comes to football, their idea of ​​acting on the pitch is identical. “I really liked getting an exclusive insight into his idea of ​​football,” said the 24-year-old new signing SV Werder Bremen. “The video once again clarified what I had previously seen as a viewer of the second division.”

The magic of the pictures: How Ole Werner’s video trick finally convinced Amos Pieper of Werder Bremen

Amos Pieper now wants to help that this Werner football, which in recent months at Werder Bremen was established, one league higher reached the next level of development. He signed for it on Osterdeich immediately after the ascent was perfect and almost an entire city swayed in the collective delirium of joy. “I had been in contact with Werder for a few weeks. It was also the first club that approached me and had concrete ideas, really wanted me and showed me a clear perspective.”

It didn’t matter that Pieper’s name was repeatedly associated with other clubs in the media. Even Chelsea from the English Premier League are said to have been interested. “I have a good and professional agency that kept me away from all this crazy stuff,” said the new centre-back Werder Bremen laughing. “I only noticed what would have been really exciting. So therefore: There wasn’t that much to Chelsea – but you can probably imagine that too.” There was still contact with other clubs, “but not much more than that,” said Amos Pieper.

Werder Bremen’s new signing Amos Pieper on the interest of other clubs: “There wasn’t that much interest in Chelsea – but you can probably imagine that too”

And so he is now taking on a new challenge in Bremen. One that begins with the scramble for a place in the starting XI. Because it doesn’t matter if Ole Werner will ultimately decide on a three-man or four-man defense, with Milos Veljkovic, Marco Friedl and Niklas Stark Pieper is currently facing three professionals who also want to have a regular place. “But that is only guaranteed for very, very few players in the world,” said Amos Pieper with regard to his own person. “Maybe everyone here has to work for it. But when you see all the names back there, it tells me above all that we have an enormous quality that will help us – no matter what the situation.” Of course he still wants to play Werder Bremen“But everyone has this claim,” said the 1.92 meter tall Olympian from 2021 in Tokyo.

So that the newcomer of Werder Bremen still makes a good impression in new surroundings from the start Amos Pieper even worked with a private trainer during the football-free time. “We started that last season,” he said. “The current summer break was relatively long at almost five weeks, but I told myself that I wanted to arrive in Bremen in top shape. In training sessions like this, you can work well on construction sites for which there was not that much time or energy during a season due to the high pace of the game.”

Werder Bremen newcomer Amos Pieper trained with a private coach: “I said to myself that I wanted to arrive in Bremen in top shape”

What Amos Pieper was also missing last time with Arminia Bielefeld, were points. East Westphalia were relegated second to last, and Werder’s new signing was always right in the middle of the action. And the defender of Werder Bremen understandably has little desire to repeat the events, as early as possible he wants to achieve relegation with his teammates. “You can immediately tell that the lads are euphoric and that everyone really wants to play in the Bundesliga. It is very important that we maintain this feeling for as long as possible,” wishes Pieper, who also has valuable experience with him. “I noticed in the Bundesliga that there is a chance to score points against every opponent, no matter how big they seem on paper,” he said, adding: “You should never say that it’s not like that It’s bad when you lose a game. Every individual must always want to get the maximum number of points.”

If everything goes well, Bremen will actually go into a second year in the Bundesliga after the current resurgence. But all of that is pie in the sky. That’s also why look Amos Pieper just focus on the here and now. The same applies to his own career. “I’ve never been the type to set long-term goals in life and say I’ve got to be there or there at that point,” he said. “Sometimes it comes as it comes – it often turned out very well.” Like now, when he unexpectedly saw a video from his new coach telling him about a move to Werder Bremen convinced. (mbu)

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