Anonymous partner NB65 hacks Russian state network, leaks 900,000 emails


  • The data comes from the Russian media group VGTRK
  • NB65 provided DDoSecrets with over 780GB of leaked data
  • NB65 said they will hack more Russia-related companies until the country stops its invasion of Ukraine

NB65, a hacking group associated with the famous hacking collective Anonymous, has leaked nearly a million emails from a Russian state network.

NB65, also known as Network Battalion 65′, was recently hacked and received more than 900,000 emails from All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK). The company is the largest state media company in Russia.

According to an analysis by the Daily Dot, the emails appeared to cover more than two decades of communications and included conversations related to day-to-day operations and international sanctions imposed on Russia by other countries during the war. The leaked emails were then passed on by the hacker group to the Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoSecrets) journalist collective.

DDoSecrets has made the 786.2GB of leaked data provided by NB65 available to the public as a torrent file. In addition to 900,000 emails, the data also contained over 4,000 pieces of media content and clips from the cloud service of the Russian state media.

VGTRK was repeatedly criticized as a tool with which the Russian government shapes the public perception of the invasion. The Kremlin has also named VGTRK as one of the companies that have “essential importance in protecting the rights and legitimate interests of Russian citizens, as well as the defense potential and security of the state.”

The group said the latest hack was their response to the war in Ukraine and warned they would continue to damage “government-related companies” until Russia halted its invasion of Ukraine.

“The longer Russian aggression lasts, the longer we will continue to target businesses and internet-connected technologies across the country,” the group said.

On Sunday, NB65 released another tweet in which they named SSK Gazregion LLC as their next target.

“You have the unfortunate circumstance of being our next example for the Russian government,” the group said in a statement. “Normally, your IT team would probably restore from backups. Do not worry about it. We deleted them all.”

The breach is the latest in a series of hacks targeting Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. On Sunday, Anonymous claimed responsibility for leaking the personal information of 120,000 Russian soldiers allegedly stationed in Ukraine last month. The leaked data included the soldiers’ names, dates of birth, addresses and passport numbers.

“All soldiers taking part in the invasion of Ukraine should face a war crimes tribunal,” the group said said in a statement.

A 3D printed model of men working on computers can be seen in front of the displayed binary code and the words “Hacker” in this July 5, 2021 illustration. Photo: Reuters / DADO RUVIC

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