Apex Legends Season 13 Storm Point map change possibly teased by Respawn

Respawn has started teasing the next development for Apex Legends, which is likely to be a map update for Storm Point. It’s the only Apex Legends battle royale map to remain untouched, meaning it will be absolutely destroyed by Respawn.

The teaser is small — it’s a GIF of a computer screen warning that a “deep sea seismic event” has been detected. A 3D model of the seafloor shows multiple tectonic plates causing a dramatic ripple pattern. The implication appears to be that an earthquake can cause a tsunami large enough to partially (or fully) inundate Storm Point.

In the accompanying text, Respawn writes, “It’s probably just a device malfunction.” Sure, Respawn. For sure.

We can’t see much beyond the computer screen, but the room looks similar to some of the outposts on Storm Point, one of Apex Legends’ two battle royale maps set in the middle of a vast ocean (the other being Kings Canyon – World’s Edge is surrounded by mountains and Olympus is in the sky).

Map changes traditionally occur at the start of new seasons, so Respawn is likely teasing what’s coming in Season 13. Granted, it could be a teaser for a new Legend-specific town takeover, as the Apex Legends Season 12 roadmap reveals this one more event is planned and new town takeovers may debut during events.

Storm Point is the only battle royale map that hasn’t received a city takeover or map change, so it’s probably the next one to get an update, regardless of what this tweet is teasing. However, we’ve seen early concepts for what looks like a flooded storm point in a huge Apex Legends leak, so it seems quite likely.