Artist draws Pokemon in the style of Lilo and Stitch experiments

An artist displays a series of Pokemon drawings inspired by the Lilo and Stitch experiments from the animated film.

Over the years, players have brought together different franchises to create unique works of art, and often players will draw one series in the artistic style of another. An artist has done just that and brought Pokemon along with a popular animated film.

Over the years Pokemon was mixed with various films and video games. Artists love to take pocket monsters and imagine what they would look like in different art styles. An artist took a series of Pokémon and imagined what they would look like in the world of Lilo and Stitch.


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A Redditor named Troytheartboy mixed Pokemon with the Lilo and Stitch Film drawing seven Pokémon in the style of the film: Lapras, Sneasel, Quagsire, Wigglytuff, Charmander, Sandslash, Cyndaquil. All Pokémon were drawn as experiments similar to Stitch, with certain aspects altered or exaggerated to fit the style.

Troytheartboy Reddit Lapra's fanart

Troytheartboy Reddit Jigglypuff fanart

Some features of the Pokémon drawn by Troytheartboy have been retained, such as Sneasel’s forehead jewel and Wigglytuff’s tuft of fur on top of his head. The artist made some changes to ensure the Pokemon fit Lilo and Stitch see. This includes giving Quagsire a nose, adding toes to Lapras’ fins, and giving Sandslash exaggerated ears. The drawings are a nice mix of the two traits, with each Pokemon having an enchanting appeal that inspires the Lilo and Stitch Movie starts very well.

Troytheartboy’s drawings have won a number of fans. Many find the renditions cute and say they love the mix of Pokemon and lilo and stitch, since they were both a part of her childhood. Many asked Troytheartboy to go ahead and draw more Pokemon in this art style. One fan loved that the artist kept what made each Pokémon unique while also making them look like experiments from the film. Many agree that this was a very good concept and applaud the artist for his work.

Lilo and Stitch isn’t the only franchise that Pokemon was merged with. A Pokemon Fan mixed the iconic series together monster hunter. An artist wielding Xezeno took the Pokemon Garchomp and drew it as a monster monster hunter, turns it into quite a beast. Xezeno took Garchomp’s normal smooth textures and turned them into jagged scales and enlarged the Pokémon’s horns and tail. They also added more spikes to Garchomp’s arms and legs, and enlarged the Pokémon’s fangs. This version of Garchomp is quite the beast and would be a formidable opponent for any hunter.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released for Nintendo Switch in 2022.

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Source: Reddit

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