Backlash from Ted Cruz after telling Fox News that Biden started the war in Ukraine

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on Monday assigned baseless blame to President Joe Biden for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as the Trump-allied segment of the Republican Party continues to insist that former President Donald Trump, who has a known cordial relationship with Vladimir Putin had said that the war would have prevented this.

Mr Cruz made the comments on Fox News Monday night, speaking to the network’s Sean Hannity.

“Joe Biden caused this war with Ukraine. how did he do that? When he waived sanctions on Nord Stream 2, sanctions that I wrote, that I wrote, Donald Trump signed the law into law,” Cruz said.

He went on to falsely imply that the Nord Stream 2 project was completed “to let Putin bring his gas to Europe.” The Nord Stream 2 pipeline was completed in September after Mr Biden waived sanctions at the request of Germany, but the pipeline itself was never commissioned and may never be used following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has led to the project targeted by the white house.

Mr. Cruz’s comments drew a handful of reactions on Twitter, but the Texas senator’s recent spate of appearances on Fox News hasn’t had a major impact on social media so far. What did happen, however, was a tweet from a reporter attending the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings for Ketanji Brown Jackson, who spotted the Republican on his phone while reviewing reactions to his performance at the hearings while they were still underway lasted.

“Putin ALONE is responsible for the attack on a sovereign country and the human rights atrocities now being committed,” wrote a woman who posed as a Texan on Twitter.

“Nord Stream 2, which is not yet completed and has not transported natural gas to Germany and has been basically shut down by Germany???” wrote another.

Mr. Biden has publicly vowed that the Nord Stream 2 project will not go ahead as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the German Chancellor suspended certification of the project and halted all work in February.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has described the now-stalled project as a “geopolitical weapon” in Russia’s arsenal, and he has repeatedly personally blamed Germany for decisions he believes gave Russia the confidence to invade.

“We always said that Nord Stream 2 is a weapon and a preparation for the big war, and we got the answer that it’s business, business, business,” he said in a stern speech to the Bundestag in March.

He added that Germany was unwilling to join the US and other Western nations in confronting Russia full-throated, and continued during the speech: “When we asked for preventive sanctions, we turned to you… but we felt the delay, the resistance… We got it: they want business, business, business.”

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