Beautiful Elden Ring fan art shows what it would look like as a 2D game

An Elden Ring fan creates a gorgeous piece of fan art that shows what the game would look like if reimagined as a 2D Soulslike title.

FromSoftware’s epic open-world action role-playing game elden ring allows players to immerse themselves in a strange and often tragic fantasy world. The layout and depth of content found in The Lands Between draws heavily from the 3D approach to open-world exploration games popularized by titles like breath of the wild. A beautiful piece of fan art shows this, however elden ring would still be stunning and immersive as a 2D game.

The concept of demakes has been around for a while, prompting dedicated fans to turn their favorite modern games into retro or retro-themed games. Several elden ring Fans have posted pixel art versions of his characters and landscapes. However, the idea of ​​changing a game from one mechanic to another is a bit more complicated.


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Indie game developer Nauris Amatnieks recently shared on Twitter a detailed pixel art fan art image depicting a culmination of an optional battle elden ring. The focus is on the battle between the player and the dangerous boss Malenia, Blade of Miquella, in her second phase. In the accompanying text, the artist asks what if elden ring was a 2D pixel art game. The answer seems simple: people would make a lot of comparisons Blasphemous.

To one side of the image is a greatsword-wielding player wearing heavy plate armor on his upper body and red skirt on his lower body. On the other side, Malenia stands bent over, clutching her prosthetic arm locked around her blade. Behind her, her long red hair billows up and explodes in clouds of rot. The setting surrounding the two combatants is an eerily beautiful and unsettling replica of the foot of Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree. While a few stylistic liberties have been taken, the fan art does an excellent job of capturing the tone of the fight.

Miscellaneous elden ring The fans were amazed by the creation of Nauris Amatnieks. Several users congratulated the beautiful pixel art and asked about the techniques used. A recurring theme, however, was viewers comparing this piece to the graphics it contained Blasphemousa 2D hack and slash Metroidvania/Soulslike title. Blasphemous is known for its blend of lush gothic art and religious horror symbolism, appearing in both player and enemy designs. While this fan art lacks this overarching theme, its art style appears to be heavily influenced by the game’s dark lighting and intricately detailed pixel art.

elden ring is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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