Boris ‘Conversion Therapy’ Ban will not cover transgender people after about-faces

A forthcoming ban on LGBT “conversion therapy” in England will not cover transgenderism after Boris Johnson’s government made several U-turns on the issue.

The Conservative Party government has long planned to impose a voluntary or otherwise proposed ban on conversion therapy to curry favor with left-wing liberals, but grew cold feet after concerns were expressed that doing so would criminalize parents, social workers and family members Health professionals doing little more than confirming the identities of alleged transgender children.

LGBT activist Jayne Ozanne, chair of the Ban Conversion Therapy Coalition and a former member of the government’s LGBT advisory body, had even pushed for the ban to include “gentle, unforced prayers” by Bible-believing Christians, which she branded “hate prayers.” “.

On Thursday evening – less than a day after Equality Secretary Mike Freer told Parliament the Government “remains[ed] “determined to come forward with proposals to ban conversion therapy practices” – the Prime Minister’s spokeswoman said the ban would indeed be dropped and that the government “has decided to further examine how existing laws can be used more effectively to prevent this from happening on the.” as soon as possible and consider the use of other non-legislative measures.”

This drew a predictable backlash from the LGBT lobby, left-wing MPs and left-liberal MPs from Johnson’s own party, and, as is often his habit, the prime minister was quick to back down – but in a characteristically half-baked way. A conversion therapy ban is reportedly now in place, but this only covers sexual orientation, not gender identity.

This seems to have the effect of angering both sides of the debate and pleasing no one, with Ozanne, described by the supposedly impartial BBC as a “conversion therapy survivor”, pointing out that Johnson had thrown LGBT people under the bus.

“Why should quacks and charlatans continue to harm them for life?” complained Alicia Kearns, a Liberal Tory MP.

Nikki Da Costa, former Downing Street director for legislative affairs, warned that including transgenderism in a ban on conversion therapy “would have created[d] a situation where doctors, therapists, even parents, would be discouraged from exploring with a child what else is going on for fear of being told they are trying to alter a child’s identity,” however ,

“Wanting to advance something very symbolic and important [the ban’s supporters] has glossed over many of these issues with profound consequences for children,” she added.

Internal documents leaked to ITV News conceded that the now scrapped plan to lift the ban altogether would provoke “vocal backlash from LGBT groups and some parliamentarians if we announce we have no intention of proceeding” – but after the government moved to it Regardless of what might have been a backlash, it remains to be seen whether further U-turns on this issue are imminent.

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