Brussels is canceling all flights scheduled for today

Brussels is canceling all flights scheduled for today

Unable to ensure the safety of travelers, Brussels Airport is canceling all departures scheduled for Monday 20 June – as well as numerous arrival flights.

The chaos in air traffic continues. After KLM was forced to cancel all flights at Amsterdam-Schiphol a few weeks ago, it is now the turn of the European capital. Due to the planned national demonstration and the strike by most of the security staff, Brussels Airport is forced to cancel all passenger flights from the airport on Monday 20 June.

Flights to and from Brussels have been cancelled

“We cannot guarantee the safety of travelers,” spokeswoman Nathalie Pierard said as she announced the cancellation of more than 100 flights scheduled for Monday June 20. Because of the strike and the planned nationwide demonstration, waiting times threatened to increase to over eight hours. The airport originally tried to contain this situation by asking travelers to postpone their flights if possible… To no avail. So far, only flights departing from the airport have been affected.

Skyhall at Brussels Airport

Incoming passenger and cargo flights should all be maintained, although the airport reported 146 canceled arrivals yesterday afternoon. Brussels Airlines, which originally announced it would only cancel half of its flights, finally extended the measure to all flights yesterday afternoon. Only eight transit flights that do not require security checks can still be operated.

Passengers whose flights were canceled were all notified by email last night, Brussels Airlines spokeswoman Kim Daenen said. “We are doing our best to find alternative solutions with them. However, we ask our customers not to go to the airport on Monday if their flight has been cancelled,” she continued.

The airline TUIfly Belgium, for its part, diverted a large part of its flights to the regional airports in Ostend, Antwerp and Liège. “Our goal is to get all travelers to their destination,” said spokeswoman Florence Bruyère.

Reduced services at the airport

A number of food and beverage outlets could be closed due to reduced traffic. To avoid dissatisfaction and unpleasant surprises, Brussels Airlines recommends bringing something to eat with you. “As food options can be limited, we recommend that you bring food and beverages with you for your convenience while waiting in line and before going through security. If you need medication, please keep in mind that you may have to wait a long time and we recommend that you bring enough of it with you,” the Belgian airport said.

Conclusion on the cancellation of flights at Brussels Airport

All Brussels Airlines flights – as well as many incoming flights – were canceled on Monday 20 June due to strikes and the national day of action by trade unions with a large demonstration in Brussels. There will be strikes at various companies operating at the airport, from security to check-in.

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