Buy PS5 at MediaMarkt & Saturn: MMS continue to be hot drop candidates in June - Bark Sedov
Buy PS5 at MediaMarkt & Saturn: MMS continue to be hot drop candidates in June

Buy PS5 at MediaMarkt & Saturn: MMS continue to be hot drop candidates in June

Buy PS5 at MediaMarkt & Saturn: MMS continue to be hot drop candidates in June

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MediaMarkt and Saturn have not been replenished online for over a month. But it could happen in the coming week. There are first indications.

Update from 06/25/2022, 08:20 a.m: MediaMarkt and Saturn remain hot and exciting. On Thursday, some bundles (with the “lights” switched off) were listed again via the wish list, which usually happens shortly before a drop. According to reports from the community, the side was screwed again and again in the background. Some were then even briefly able to add bundles or consoles to their shopping cart via their wish list, but a purchase was not possible.

The drop expected by many on Friday did not materialize, but the scene still believes in a timely online sale, possibly as early as the beginning of next week. Traditionally, nothing should move at the weekend, but from Monday you should definitely keep an eye on MMS.

By the way, MediaMarkt and Saturn are not the only two retailers where things could get exciting again in the new week. If you don’t want to miss any drops and always want to be up to date on the current supply situation for the PlayStation 5, then you should definitely take a look at our PS5 live ticker regularly.

Update from 06/24/2022, 11:30 a.m: If you live nearby or drive past it anyway: As reported on MyDealz, the Saturn branch in Erlangen (in the arcades) currently has the PS5 as a bundle to take away. The bundle includes the PS5 with drive including Horizon Forbidden West (physical) and Gran Turismo 7. The whole thing costs €644.90.

Update from 06/24/2022, 09:59 am: Again as a short addendum: If anything happens today, it doesn’t necessarily have to be at 10:00 a.m. Only the last sale took place at this time. MediaMarkt and Saturn also dropped around 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. or even just after noon or in the late afternoon. So stay alert today.

Update from 06/24/2022, 09:08 a.m: The last time sales at MediaMarkt and Saturn started at 10:00 a.m. Let’s see how it goes today (if it drops at all).

Update from 06/24/2022, 07:45 a.m: Be sure to keep an eye on MediaMarkt and Saturn today. According to reports from the community, work was still being done on the site yesterday afternoon and early evening. Some were even briefly able to add bundles or consoles to their shopping cart via their wish list (purchase was not possible). So something is happening in the background and it is quite conceivable that something will come up there immediately (of course there is no guarantee of this).

Should there be a drop at MMS today, you will find the two PS5 overview pages here as well as individual product pages on which all bundles and consoles offered can be found (currently 2 bundles and the disc version are listed, but not yet available) .

PS5 links for MediaMarkt:

PS5 Links for Saturn:

Update from 06/23/2022, 5:00 p.m: The bundles at MediaMarkt and Saturn remain on the wish list but still haven’t gone on sale. Either the two chains are preparing the latest drop they’ve ever made in a day, or the replenishment is then likely to come tomorrow. In any case, keep a close eye on the pages with the bundles of the markets.

Update from 06/23/2022, 11:36 am: If MediaMarkt and Saturn don’t drop in the morning, don’t give up hope just yet. MMS have also started sales campaigns in the late afternoon (around or after 4 p.m.). You should definitely stay on the ball today, even in the afternoon, if nothing happens by then.

Buy PS5: Watch out at MediaMarkt and Saturn

Update from 06/23/2022, 08:05 a.m: According to reports, some bundles have been activated again at MediaMarkt (can be seen in the watch list, but are not available). That could well be an indication of an impending drop. So today, as a precaution, also pay more attention to MediaMarkt and Saturn. Here are the most important links should the drop actually happen:

Update from 06/22/2022, 12:50 p.m: At MediaMarkt in Munich there is currently a bundle with the Disc Edition of the PS5 to buy. The price for the console and two games is 699.99 euros.

Update from 06/22/2022, 08:24 a.m: MediaMarkt and Saturn should also (or especially) be closely monitored online. There was only a local pre-order campaign there recently, but an online drop was some time ago and comparable offline campaigns have often resulted in online sales.

Buy PS5: Apparently local supplies in some MMS branches

Update from 06/21/2022, 07:44 a.m: Early yesterday evening, some reports surfaced that individual MediaMarkt stores, including Friedrichshafen and Hamburg-Hummelsbüttel for example, were offering the PS5 with disc drive (console only) in a ‘bundle’ with a 3-year warranty for €554.99 have – on site and immediately to take away.

We cannot say for sure whether the offer is still available in the two markets in question, but it is said to have been quite limited. But if you drive past it anyway or are in the vicinity – try your luck today. In general, it could currently be worth stopping by an MMS branch if you have one within easy reach. Because it is quite conceivable that some other markets will offer this bundle of console and additional guarantee.

Update from 06/20/2022, 08:45 a.m: As we found out yesterday, MediaMarkt and Saturn are among the hottest candidates for the PS5 in the new week. Only recently there was a pre-order campaign for the console. In the past, such purchase opportunities often resulted in an online sale between the two retailers. So keep your eyes peeled, we’ll do it too.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (YOU)
Type Stationary game console
generation 09th console generation
storage medium Blu Ray, SSD
release November 19, 2020

Update from 06/19/2022, 09:15 a.m: Things should get really exciting at MediaMarkt and Saturn in the coming week. No consoles have been sold online here for over a month. So it’s about time again and MediaMarkt and Saturn could become the hottest port of call for the PS5 from Monday. Be sure to keep an eye on the vendors.

Original message from 06/18/2022: Hamburg – MediaMarkt and Saturn are the largest providers of Sony’s PS5 in Germany. Most recently, both retailers offered the console by pre-order directly in the branches. The promotion is now over and it could continue online directly. The first indications already speak for it. We’ll tell you what the current situation is at MediaMarkt and Saturn and when you can expect supplies from the retailers.

Buy PS5: MediaMarkt and Saturn are particularly hot – replenishment in a few days?

When was the last drop? The last drop in the online shop took place on May 18th. That was a month ago and there have been no consoles for sale online since then. The drop then went down in PS5 history, because the console was available there for over six hours.

However, on June 11, MediaMarkt and Saturn started a local pre-order campaign in their branches. You could go there and pre-order the PS5. A little later she will be ready to be picked up. All important links for an online drop can be found here:

When could MediaMarkt and Saturn sell again? Normally there is a drop in the online shop at least once a month for the two retailers. It hasn’t happened in June yet. Now, however, the local drop indicates that MediaMarkt and Saturn could soon sell the console online. The PS5 for the individual branches are gradually arriving. So it is quite conceivable that the retailer will also fill up his warehouse from the online shop.

A drop in the coming week is quite realistic. After all, the direct competitors Amazon and OTTO sold the PS5 several times in June. MediaMarkt and Saturn could finally step up their game. There is no fixed drop tag for this. You should keep an eye on the two providers from Monday.

Buy PS5: Location at MediaMarkt and Saturn on June 18th. – Notice of new supplies.

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Buy PS5: tips and tricks for buying consoles from MediaMarkt and Saturn

You need to know: At MediaMarkt and Saturn there are a few tricks on how you can get the console faster. This includes the shopping cart trick and the effective use of the watch list. We have listed all the details for you in our corresponding tip article: Buy PS5: Tips and tricks for buying from MediaMarkt and Saturn

So that you don’t miss any drops in Germany, we recommend that you buy our PS5 live ticker. There we list all sales and inform you as soon as a new drop is available.

List of rubrics: © MediaMarkt/Saturn/Sony/Unsplash

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