Check out this Elden Ring Final Boss Music Cover with Harp

A fan of Elden Ring shares a video of himself playing a harp cover of the game’s legendary — and unexpectedly upbeat — final boss music.

elden ring is the latest Soulsborne title from FromSoftware, the creators of the genre, and it shows in a number of ways. The game not only adds a bunch of new features, but also tackles the premise of fighting for survival in a dark fantasy world full of horrific monsters from a new, more hopeful angle. now one elden ring Fan celebrates the game’s more upbeat tone with a beautiful harp cover of the final boss music.


Previous FromSoftware titles have leaned into the sad tone for their soundtracks, often leading to end boss themes that sound really depressing. This is suitable for games like bloodborne ending on a deliberately ambiguous note. However, elden ring is different, and it handles the end boss theme accordingly differently.

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The last boss of elden ring is fought to the ringtones of “The Final Battle” composed by Tsukasa Saitoh. This epic song is a remix of the game’s iconic theme theme with all the vocals, horns and strings that go along with it. YouTuber Anna Ellsworth decided to capture the sheer epic panache of the song with a single acoustic instrument in a video titled “elden ring – the final battle // harp cover”.

Usually, the song is seemingly performed by an entire orchestra, with all instruments cheering the player on as they prepare to slay a deity. While the ultimate goal of godslaying for the FromSoftware catalog isn’t exactly new, the general sense of hope certainly is. Anna Ellsworth’s interpretation of the song is much softer and a little darker, but it too reads surprisingly hopefully. This can serve as a reminder for players of all the good people they met elden ring– the characters they fight for when facing the final boss.

In the video, Anna Ellsworth sits on the harp and is shown plucking the strings, her eyes on the instrument. This proves both that the cover was actually played and a surprisingly atmospheric demonstration of the effort required to do so. Similar to elden ring requires incredible effort from players to clear them, playing the game’s songs also requires skill and mastery. The YouTuber states in the video description that this cover added a significant amount of reverb to try to emulate the OST version of the Soul. Anyhow, the result is something the Elden Beast would probably like to play during its boss fight.

elden ring is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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