Child Rape Gangs Hotspot Children’s Capital of Culture rebranding

Child rape gang hotspot Rotherham is attempting to bill itself as “the world’s first children’s cultural capital” and is attempting to distance itself from its reputation as a place where 1,400 girls were systematically groomed and raped while officers failed to act.

During the school holidays in February, Rotherham Council transformed its town center into a playground ‘for the young community’ as part of a major festival.

Funded by central government with £1.4million, this local government project aims to transform the underprivileged northern city into a “cultural destination and home to a bevy of creative talent” by 2025.

This push to designate Rotherham as the “Children’s Capital of Culture” will irk members of the public familiar with the Jay Report, which found that mostly males of predominantly South Asian, Pakistani Muslim descent, had at least 1,400 youngsters there between 1997 and 1997 Girls systematically raped and nursed in 2013.

The report’s author, Professor Alexis Jay, said that “no one knows the true extent of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham over the years” and her “conservative estimate is that approximately 1,400 children were sexually exploited over the entire study period from 1997 to.” 2013.”

Jay uncovered horrors including “kids being doused in petrol, threatened with being set on fire, threatened with guns, witnessed brutal rapes and threatened that if they told anyone they would be next.”

“It’s hard to describe the horrifying nature of the abuse that child victims have endured,” she continued, suggesting that “the authorities involved have a lot to answer for.”

Jay noted that police “effectively suppressed” reports of the crimes, allegedly because they believed the claims were “exaggerated.”

Those trying to uncover the scandal were also discouraged by officials who warned that a larger investigation “would rock the multicultural boat” given that the perpetrators were largely South Asian and their victims largely white.

Billy Howarth, the founder of Parents Against Grooming UK (PAGUK), a pro-child rights and anti-abuse group based in Rochdale, another rape gang hotspot, told Breitbart London that “the same people and politicians who are like that many have failed, now follow. Do they call their city ‘Child Culture Capital’ – a culture of ignoring child abuse, a capital of ignorance and criminal child services and police?

“Let’s not forget that this scheme is being driven by the same people who turned their backs on child abuse and thereby essentially facilitated that abuse,” Howarth claimed.

“There should be more focus on supporting those they failed and those they are failing now. I fear any child-focused initiative by Rotherham Council is dangerous until those responsible for facilitating child abuse on an industrial scale are held accountable for their wrongdoing, non-wrongdoing and wrongdoing,” Howarth said.

In a warning to all parents in and around Rotherham, Howarth advised people to “keep their children away from Rotherham City Council initiatives”.

Nick Buckley MBEthe Reform UK party’s candidate in the Manchester mayoral election and founder of the Mancunian Way charity, which helps prevent young people from becoming involved in crime, said the scheme was “obviously an attempt to rid Rotherham of the horrific gang rape of thousands of children.”

“That may be a good thing, but only if the Council can guarantee that crimes like this have stopped. If not, then this cultural event will only highlight the lack of personal responsibility of local politicians to protect children,” Buckley said.

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