Children Of The Light gets anime trailer

Jenova Chen’s indie studio thatgamecompany has made a name for itself with titles like Flower, flOw and most notably the critically acclaimed Journey for its touching, vividly designed games that impress critics and the general gaming public alike. 2019’s Sky: Children of the Light was particularly popular, garnering more than 160 million downloads on mobile platforms and Nintendo Switch. Now the game has inspired an animation project.

Today, attendees of Tokyo’s Anime Japan 2022 got their first look at an animation project currently in development by the indie studio. The trailer showcased the whimsical landscape, flora and fauna familiar to Sky: Children of the Light players, along with concept art and storyboard animations that revealed new characters that expand the game’s universe. The one-minute video promised more to come at the end.


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Besides the first look at the animation project based on the story and world of Sky: Children of the Light, thatgamecompany announced several other updates including new content for the game. These include Days of Bloom, a spring-themed flower play event that will also feature a behind-the-scenes video at the start of the seasonal event, and Season of Performance has been announced for launch on April 11th. This latter update will introduce Village of Dreams’ community theater, allowing players to connect and share their creative passions via an upcoming Shared Memories feature.

The announcements of Sky’s global community projects unveiled Sky Assemblies, which means Sky fans around the world will have the opportunity to host their own community events to network with each other through face-to-face meetings, and is Sky Crafting Corner a new community initiative to celebrate fan arts and crafts based on Sky’s seasonal events.

A Journey So Far video collected some of the best moments from the studio as well as those created by Sky communities. Finally, Japan’s official prominent Sky influencer was introduced. Yuki Kaji, the Japanese actor and singer best known for his work on Demon Slayer and Attack on Titan, has been unveiled as the game’s official celebrity ambassador and influencer partner in Japan.

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