Corona alarm in Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece - holiday countries bring 3G back - Bark Sedov
Corona alarm in Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece – holiday countries bring 3G back

Corona alarm in Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece – holiday countries bring 3G back

Corona alarm in Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece – holiday countries bring 3G back

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Summer 2022 is here and Corona? In the holiday countries of Portugal, Spain and Greece, the number of infections is increasing. Some are already back to 3G. This is what travelers need to know now.

Munich – No question, after more than two years of the corona pandemic, the desire for a carefree summer is great. Many Germans have been gripped by the desire to travel. Yes in Spain, Portugal and Italy the corona numbers are skyrocketing. What about the Corona rules? Which country in Europe requires a 3G pass? Here is an overview for the summer holiday.

Holiday destination Italy 2022: Corona numbers are increasing – travelers need to know that now

The Italian virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco from the Università Statale di Milano speaks of a “nasty surprise” in an interview with the news channel Sky TG24. The omicron subtype BA.5 is extremely contagious. A person who is “infected with BA.5” could “infect” another 15 or 17. According to the virologist, Italy is in a new wave. In his view, the peak was reached at the end of July. BA.5 is “absolutely not to be underestimated”, there are also cases of pneumonia and interstitial pneumonia. Pregliasco recommends wearing masks by the sea – wherever it is tight. Almost all corona rules have been abolished in Italy at the moment. Travelers are not required to present vaccination certificates. Masks are only compulsory on buses, subways and trains.

Corona rules in Italy (as of June 21, 2022)

  • Mask requirement in buses and trains extended until September 30th.
  • No more 3G proof for entry.
  • No restrictions on car journeys.

Destination Portugal: In view of the increasing corona numbers, 3G applies

Portugal has reacted to the increasing number of infections. The Corona situation is still tense, as also reported by A downward trend is emerging. Although the state of alert (estado de alerta) still applies, almost all corona rules have been relaxed in the country. When entering Portugal (mainland) by water and land, the 3G rule currently applies with proof of vaccination or a test. When entering the airport, the body temperature is measured, the Federal Foreign Office points out in its safety instructions for Portugal: “If this exceeds 38° C, further investigations and measures by the health authorities, such as self-isolation or domestic quarantine, can be expected”. The Autonomous Regions Madeira and the Azores have taken their own measures.

Corona rules for Portugal (as of June 21, 2022)

  • In the Entry 3G proof: PCR test (72 hours) or antigen test (24 hours) is mandatory for all travelers. Holders of an EU digital COVID certificate are exempt from the test obligation.
  • There is no longer a systematic obligation to test.
  • Mask requirement: In public transport and in nursing homes and hospitals, as well as comparable medical facilities.
  • minimum distance: Anyone who is out and about in public spaces should always keep a minimum distance of two meters.

These countries in Europe have 3G upon arrival

  • Finland: Proof of vaccination is required for travelers aged 15 and over. Without a booster, the vaccination is valid for a maximum of 9 months. Unvaccinated need a PCR test. Recovery within the last 6 months.
  • France: For entry from the age of 12 years, proof of vaccination or a rapid antigen test is sufficient. Recovery valid for a maximum of six months. PCR test for unvaccinated people.
  • Malta: Proof of vaccination is required for persons aged 12 and over. Recovery valid for a maximum of six months, PCR test and quarantine hotel required for unvaccinated people.
  • Monaco: Proof of vaccination from the age of 12, recovery valid for a maximum of six months, PCR test for unvaccinated people.
  • Portugal (Mainland): From the age of 12 proof of vaccination, recovery valid for a maximum of six months, PCR test for unvaccinated people.

Spain: No more corona rules on entry – only masks are compulsory on public transport

Corona is hardly an issue in Spain anymore. There are no longer any corona requirements when entering and leaving EU countries and the Schengen area. Even infected people no longer need to be tested and do not have to report anything or even in self-isolation. Corona rules only apply to people with previous illnesses or from the age of 60. Spain only gives the 7-day incidence for those over 60 years of age. There is still a mask requirement in public interiors and on public transport. However, vacationers in Spain have to brace themselves for strikes at Easyjet and Ryanair.

Greece – All borders are open

At the start of the 2022 summer season, Greece abolished all corona measures. Holidays on the mainland and islands are becoming easier and easier. Entry is possible without vaccination and test. Masks are only compulsory in taxis and on public transport. On ferries in the interior as well as in hospitals. The corona numbers have recently risen massively in the holiday regions. Germany is also heading for a summer wave. The situation is dynamic. It remains to be seen whether Corona will spoil our summer vacation. (ml)

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