Custom Kirby necklace pre-orders open

Jewelry brand U-Treasure is opening orders for cute Kirby necklaces in Japan, which can be customized to customer specifications.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land of Elfilin

Although the recent launch of Kirby and the forgotten land may have highlighted kirby franchise, the titular hero in pink has always enjoyed worldwide popularity. In Japan, Nintendo seems to regularly take advantage of the character’s fandom by releasing new ones kirby Products and goods regularly. Now the Japanese brand U-Treasure has opened orders for Cute kirby Necklaces that even allow fans to customize the pieces to their liking.


Order opening of U-Treasure for the kirby-Themed necklaces seem to be well timed, especially in the past few years kirby Title has seen great sales milestones and reviews. Fans are smitten with the franchise’s latest game, which is likely to inspire them to spend on all the pink fluff ball-reflecting merchandise. Even more kirby The developers at HAL Laboratory are optimistic about the franchise’s future in video games and talk about producing upcoming titles that will reflect that kirby‘s amazing flexibility.

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Fans can order the custom order on U-Treasure’s official Japanese website kirby Necklaces starting April 8, 2022. According to the press release, the kirby “Free Writing Pendant” was produced to commemorate kirbycelebrates its 30th anniversary in 2022. In terms of personalization, customers can choose between four different fonts and add up to eight alphanumeric characters for the custom text. In addition, fans have the choice between 41 kirby-thematic “brands” that contain different poses and outfits for kirbyiconic kirby Items and cute side characters like Waddle Dees, Meta Knight and even King Dedede.

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Fans will have to shell out 30,800 yen, or around $248, to place an order for the necklace. As a material for the jewelry, customers can choose between 18k rose gold, yellow gold or white gold. Depending on the website, delivery times vary depending on the order. To purchase the necklaces, fans in Japan can visit the U-Treasure Concept Store in Ikebukuro. However, global fans can also place their orders through the official U-Treasure website, which ships to locations worldwide. This option is quite refreshing like many kirby-Themed articles and exclusive places like that kirby Cafe only exists in Japan.

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For hardcore kirby For fans, the price of the custom necklaces seems quite affordable considering the range of materials used for production and the possibility of personalization. It’s also a great way to present yourself elegantly kirby Fandom without the subject matter being too obvious or obvious.

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Source: U-Treasure Japan

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