Danish volunteer claims Ukrainians executed Russian prisoners

A Danish soldier who volunteered to fight alongside Ukrainian forces has made unverified claims that Ukrainian soldiers executed Russian prisoners of war.

The Dane, who uses the pseudonym Jonas, has claimed that Ukrainian soldiers killed Russian prisoners of war during the war. He said: “I heard about a successful prisoner exchange and that’s it.” Adding: “People are getting killed. ”

Allegedly a gunman, Jonas traveled to Ukraine to volunteer to fight alongside Ukrainian forces and told Danish state broadcaster TV2 he also killed Russian soldiers – but never captured prisoners.

He told the station about an 18-year-old Russian prisoner of war who told him he worked as a computer programmer in Russia before the war and didn’t want to go to Ukraine. According to Jonas, the teenager was buried the next day after he was killed.

TV2 admitted they had no way of confirming whether the Danish volunteer’s claims were correct, but nonetheless cited previous claims of similar behavior by the Ukrainian armed forces.

Last month, the official Facebook page of the Special Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine indicated that surrendering Russian gunners would be executed, which in itself would be a war crime.

“From now on there will be no more captured Russian artillerymen. No mercy, no ‘please don’t kill, I surrender’ won’t work,” the post said, adding that such Russians would be “slaughtered like pigs.”

However, the post was subsequently edited to remove those comments, and was followed by another post showing video of a captured Russian “killing with Ukrainian children.” [a] Jet Fire System” and realized “the horror of what was happening [and] made a wise decision and gave up, fell under the Geneva Convention” – probably an attempt to reassure concerned Westerners that prisoners were not “slaughtered” despite their earlier rhetoric.

Days later, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy released his own statement, telling Russian soldiers: “On behalf of the Ukrainian people, I’m giving you a chance. chance of survival. If you surrender to our forces, we will treat you as humans should be treated. Decent as human beings.”

Unconfirmed videos have surfaced purporting to show Ukrainian soldiers killing surrendered Russian soldiers, including one released this week that allegedly shows a Ukrainian soldier shooting and killing a wounded Russian soldier near Kyiv.

Commenting on the video, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba stated that he was aware of it but had not seen it himself and that in any case the Ukrainian military “complies with the rules of warfare. There may be isolated incidents of violations of these rules, which will definitely be investigated.”

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