Dark Souls Fan Journals their journey through Lordran

There are many ways to play Dark Souls – walk the world, design a build, explore. Or you can modify a banana to make it a controller. People touch all extremes when it comes to FromSoftware’s games, but one fan takes a more relaxed and scenic approach for a change – recording their playthrough.

The first page begins with a drawing of her character and some notes: “In place of the Nexus in Demon’s Souls, these appear to be bonfires. The goal is to ring the bells.” Scattered among the notes is a drawing of Velka’s crow, the Asylum Demon, an Xbox controller, and some weapons. This is the beginning”.

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Then you have the card. It’s vertical, appropriate for Dark Souls’ Metroidvania roots, and divided into segments. The first is “Dark Map One” which shows the Undead Burg located above the Firelink Shrine and the graveyard just to the side. But there’s also a paper sketch that’s more practical with locked doors, campfires, and other notable items.

The second entry opens with a map update. The parish is added with “Gargoyles?!”, a red dragon and the elevator. We see the towering mountains and twisting level design with a glimpse of how much this discovery resonates with them: “Travel back to Firelink – blown away!”

There are also new drawings of more enemies like the Armored Boar and the Black Knights, one of which gave Cora a hard time. “After banging my head against the wall with the rabbit knight in this awfully small room for about an hour, I finally tried to take down the boss at the top of this tower.” That boss is, of course, the bull demon.

To celebrate their victory, they created a certificate for themselves, which can be found directly above Solaire, who first met Cora while chronicling her experience. “When I first saw this armored figure, I thought the worst. But he was a lovely character who wished me well on my journey.”

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