Dark Souls Randomiser mod has already been made for Elden Ring

Imagine walking out of the cave in Elden Ring to pick up the first item – maybe it’s a bunch of animal bones or a smithing stone [1]. Boring. With the randomizer, you could pick up the Sword of Night and Flame instead. Margit? margone

Like Dark Souls 3, this mod randomizes all in-game items except for the most important ones. This includes dropped items. If you go hunting a wild boar, you might get land octopus ovaries instead. It doesn’t make much sense, but it will certainly spice up your run. Many streamers use these mods to add a challenge as you either feel hilariously overwhelmed at first or you can’t carry anything but a broken straight sword and some grapes.


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But there’s a whole other level of challenge you can add. The mod also supports auto-equip. This means that if you pick something up, you’re forced to use it. You could end up trading a River of Blood +10 for an unenhanced longsword. And if you get a duplicate, it will not be equipped instead. Two River of Bloods would leave you with nothing but your fists to take on Margit. Maybe he’s not like Margone after all.

Elden Ring Margit the Cruel Omen

While this random number generator only randomizes items, we’re probably not far from a mod that does the same for enemies. Previous Souls games have them, and they make challenge runs that much harder. Instead of finding a few foot soldiers early in Stormveil, you might come across Godrick or even Malenia. But now you can sit back and relax – it’s just a few foot soldiers patrolling.

However, you must run the game offline to use the random number generator, without Easy Anti-Cheat. If you try to play online you will be banned.

And if you’re not satisfied, you can simply redo your random run and essentially turn Elden Ring into a roguelike. So if you’re stuck without a gun and have nowhere to go, chances are you can start over with a new seed.

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