Dead by Daylight Update 5.6.2 makes a number of important changes

Dead by Daylight developer Behavior Interactive is releasing patch 5.6.2 which fixes a number of issues including issues with recently released DLC characters.

Dead by daylight is essentially the logical end point of horror film crossovers. Behavior Interactive’s multiplayer survival horror game puts players in control of legendary survivors and killers from franchises such as Halloween, Seen, Nightmare on Elm Street, evil Dead, silent Hill, left 4 Dead, stranger thingsand more.

Behavior Interactive released patch 5.6.2 on Tuesday morning, full patch notes are available on the Dead by daylight forums Fixed 19 separate issues, although some were specific to certain platforms or storefronts. This includes the crashes mentioned above when Switch players have Yoichi Asakawa’s Boon: Dark Theory perk equipped. The patch also fixes an issue where the game doesn’t unlock PS4 trophies added by the latest DLC. Also fixed a bug that made certain cosmetic items free in the Epic Game Store version Dead by daylight.


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The other changes apply to all versions of Dead by daylight. For example, a fixed bug prevented players from purchasing discounted items, while another fixed an issue where the game allowed players to purchase the same perk multiple times. The remaining patches are much more specific and relate to individual characters or locations. Most were minor audio or visual glitches, although few were more serious.

Dead by Daylight Yoichi Asakawa and The Onryo

Most of the latter referred to the most recent Sadako rises DLC. A bug caused the game to crash when players entered the area of ​​effect for the aforementioned Dark Theory perk. The update also fixes some persistent issues with the recently added killer The Onryo. Examples include solving problems with the characters’ audio cues, challenges, and a camera glitch that occurs when The Onryo is projecting onto a nearby TV. However, it seems that the developers’ goal with version 5.6.2 was to fix a broad range of issues rather than focus on one specific area.

Remarkably, one problem still seems to have slipped through the cracks. The patch does not remove the bug that causes missing sound effects when switching between the Play as Killer menu and the in-game store. This was a known issue with Dead by daylight Patch 5.6.1. However, this is such a minor inconvenience that fixing it may not be a priority. It’s worth noting that the issue usually resolves itself when players switch to a different killer.

Behavior Interactive published Dead by daylight in 2016 and continues to support it with new maps, killers and survivors through regular DLC. The newest is Sadako riseswhich was released on March 8th and introduced the killer ghost Sadako Yamamura and survivor Yoichi Asakawa from the Japanese horror series Ringu. Hopefully, Behavior Interactive will continue to support Dead by Daylight with content for years to come.

Dead by daylight is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Behavior Interactive


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