Destiny 2 players vote for monster or mech armor sets

Bungie is holding a Mechs vs. Monsters poll to determine the Festival of the Lost armor skins for this year’s Halloween in Destiny 2.

Feast of Lost Changes

To the destiny 2‘s Festival of the Lost event in 2021, it conducted a poll to decide which Halloween skins it should reward players with. The armor set themes were either dinosaurs or monsters, which dinosaurs won with a whopping 81% of the vote. Now Bungie is looking ahead to the next Festival of the Lost and asking again destiny 2 Players can vote for their preference between two armor sets. This year’s themes for destiny 2‘s Halloween armor sets will be the returning monsters and the new Mechs set.


Both the monster and mech armor sets are teased with a piece of concept art, as Bungie won’t use the resources to actually craft the set until one wins. The mechs set shows that Bungie was heavily inspired by it gundam with its designs, although no single set specifically compares to a gundam – probably for legal reasons. However, Bungie specifically says they are mobile suits.

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As for the monsters, Bungie players who took the 2021 survey will already be somewhat familiar. The 2021 designs have been updated but still have the same themes. There is a Titan Cyclops, a Warlock Naga, and a Hunter Dragon skin. the destiny 2 Hunterskin has changed the most and now has a cloak that looks like a dragon’s tail. Needless to say, the poll for Festival of the Lost 2022 should be a lot tighter than last year.

Destiny 2 Monsters 2022 Themes

Destiny 2 mechs design 2022

Those interested in taking the survey must ensure they have signed up through Bungie’s official website and approve emails. After that, they need to connect their Bungie profile to the platform of their choice, be it the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Steam or any other platform. Players should then receive an email for the survey on April 7th or later.

So the polls for the Festival of the Lost contest officially close on April 13th destiny 2 Players have a limited time to submit their choice. Bungie apparently wants the survey to be completed quickly so she can get to work. Those who participate will receive a special reward, a Broken Barriers emblem, which will be mailed out on April 19th.

While the poll will end quickly, the results will not come in for some time. Bungie will likely wait until the Halloween armor set is complete and ready to reveal the full Festival of the Lost event later this year. It’s a little Halloween cheer in early spring for destiny 2 Player.

destiny 2 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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