Donald Trump Jr. cried out for claiming Mickey Mouse’s picture was sexually explicit

Donald Trump Jr. has been slammed for claiming a year-old picture of Mickey and Minnie Mouse was sexually explicit.

Mr Trump shared the Disney image of the two cartoon characters hugging on his Instagram, in what some have interpreted as a display of a hidden penis.

“Can that be true? WTF already?” wrote the former president’s eldest son, joining the barrage of right-wing attacks accusing Disney of obscuring sexual content in its cartoons and films.

While many social media users claimed the image was a new fact-checking site snout traced it back to a Disney gift card released in 2015 that is no longer for sale.

Culture warrior Donald Trump Jr. has joined the attacks on Disney since it opposed Florida’s Don’t Say Gay law


snout found there was some comment at the time about the supposedly “phallic” shape of Minnie’s dress, but none of the widespread outrage now being fueled by conservatives.

On Mr Trump’s Instagram account, supporters used the image as further evidence that Disney is intentionally producing sexualized children’s content, echoing attacks from Republican lawmakers and Fox News anchors and commentators.

Others pointed out that the image is open to interpretation and says more about the people who hurled the allegations than the cartoon itself.

“Some people have way too much time,” one commented.

Another commenter said it was obviously not sexual in nature.

“Yeah, they’re literally making stuff up now. Her leg is pulled up. This is her knee. And her shoe is behind her. How old are you?”

Others brought up the former president’s story with allegations of sexual assault and derogatory comments about women.

“Lol, that’s from the guy whose dad said grab women by the pussy.”

Disney has been heavily criticized by conservatives for defying Florida’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay” law, which prohibits public school teachers from speaking about sexual orientation or gender identity and affects students of all grades, although the focus is on it becomes younger student.

Donald Trump Jr. has attacked Disney since it opposed the Don’t Say Gay law


A few days earlier, Mr Trump claimed Disney would teach toddlers “sexually explicit stuff” and suggested a new logo: “Groomer”.

Republican lawmakers have also said they will block Disney from renewing copyrights on iconic brands if they take control of Congress in November.

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