Donald Trump supports Mehmet Oz in the US Senate race in Pennsylvania

Former President Donald Trump endorsed famed doctor Mehmet Oz in the US Senate race in Pennsylvania on Saturday after his first choice, Sean Parnell, walked out in a contentious custody battle with his estranged wife last fall.

Trump card called his endorsement of Oz is “all about winning elections to stop the maniacs of the Radical Left from destroying our country.”

“The Great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a tremendous opportunity to save America by saving the brilliant and well-known Dr. Mehmet Oz to the United States Senate,” Trump said called. “I know Dr. Oz for many years, as have many others, if only through his very successful television show.”

Trump touted the “thousands of life-saving heart surgeries” Oz performed during his medical career and eight years New York Times Bestsellers he has authored.

Trump also cited Oz’s anti-life views and strengths related to the border, voter fraud and the military as reasons for his support. Trump said:

dr Oz is pro-life, very strong on crime, the frontier, voter fraud, our big military and vets, tax cuts and will always fight and support our second amendment under siege. He will ensure that America becomes energy independent again. dr Oz also believes passionately in quality education and protecting parental involvement throughout the process.

Trump believes Oz would be the most eligible candidate to defeat the Democratic challenger in November’s midterm elections.

Trump card called:

Perhaps most importantly, I believe Mehmet Oz is the person most likely to be able to win the general election against a radical left-wing Democrat intent on wreaking unimaginable damage on our country. Women in particular feel Dr. Oz attracted for his advice and advice. I’ve seen this many times over the years. You know him, believe in him and trust him. Likewise, he will do very well in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, where other candidates are simply not accepted.

“He knows it’s his job to tell every single Dr. To serve Oz of Pennsylvania, who is smart, tough, and will never let you down, so he has my complete and unreserved approval,” Trump concluded. “Good luck, Dr. Oz. our country needs you!”

Recent polls put Oz behind businessman David McCormick, the current leader in the race.

The Pennsylvania GOP Senate primary is on May 17th.

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