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Dozens of women secretly filmed in pub toilets

Dozens of women secretly filmed in pub toilets

Dozens of women secretly filmed in pub toilets

Women walk along the party mile of Mallorca.
Image: dpa

The alleged perpetrator hid small, state-of-the-art cameras in bottles to film unsuspecting women in the toilet of a bar in Mallorca. So far, the police have only evaluated one of 44 memory cards with material.

EA man has been arrested in Mallorca on charges of secretly filming dozens of women in his bar’s toilet. According to the findings, the 42-year-old filmed at least 38 women in his establishment in the Mallorcan capital Palma in the past two years, the newspaper “Diario de Mallorca” reported on Wednesday, citing the police of the Spanish holiday island. To do this, he hid two small and state-of-the-art cameras in bottles, it said.

The whole thing only blew up because a customer discovered one of the cameras activated by movement and immediately alerted the police. When analyzing the camera’s memory card, recordings of 38 different women were counted. The videos also show the same man over and over again checking that the device is working properly. The Spaniard is one of the operators of the bar. He was arrested on Tuesday.

In the meantime, a further 44 memory cards have been secured in the pub and in the man’s apartment, but they have not yet been analyzed. These could contain up to 5000 recordings. It will be extremely difficult to identify the victims, as most of the women only see the lower half of their bodies. Meanwhile, there is still no evidence that the perpetrator shared the recordings with third parties or published them online.

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