Dr Disrespect says there’s one thing stopping Fortnite Zero Build from getting even better

dr Disrespect is known for its hot takes, due in part to the high expectations placed on the YouTube content creator character, but also the very real frustrations of the man behind the mustache. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell where the Dr. Disrespect character begins and ends, but that only adds to the drama of his streams. Dr Disrespect’s latest hot take references his recent forays into Fourteen days‘s LTM became the permanent No Build game mode. While the Doc was impressed with No Build, he still has one major gripe.


In a message on Twitter, Dr. Disrespect for sharing some of his feelings regarding no build mode Fourteen days. He starts off by explaining that he feels No Build Mod was “built for me”. Delving into his memes, he mentions that the no-build mode is “super sporty,” “high mobility,” “slide 360 ​​snup shots,” and “shotty in your face etc etc.” Suffice it to say that it’s all Dr Disrespect asks of a game he plays.

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However, there is a significant flaw in the no-built mode that goes against everything that Dr Disrespect stands for. He describes this bug as “aim assist controller junky kids” getting mixed up in his games. dr Disrespect doesn’t like going up against players who have an undeserved advantage over him, and he wants everyone to know about it.

To get back to where we started, it’s pretty unclear how much Dr. On one hand, it’s certainly frustrating to die from a slapping controller player who’s otherwise outmatched. On the other hand, Dr. Probably disrespect how dramatic the advantage keyboard and mouse players have over controller players with or without aim assist. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that after a tough loss in a competition Fourteen days fit but.

aim assist on Fourteen days has often been described as the most controversial feature in battle royale right now. Any controller player has access to it, whether they’re on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, or even PC. Players can even customize their aim assist and turn it off entirely if they wish. It’s on by default though, so fans shouldn’t expect Epic Games to be changing it any time soon. The developer seems perfectly happy with the balance the aim assist has struck.

In the meantime, Dr Disrespect will likely continue to play in No Build Mode Fourteen days go forward. Compared to the criticism of Dr. Disrespect Call of Duty: Warzonesupport target Fourteen days is not a big issue at all. It’s always possible that Dr. Disrespect has a string of bad games and decides to stop playing Fourteen daysbut for now he seems to be enjoying himself.

Fourteen days is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Mobile.

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