Elden Ring Glitch may cause some players to walk on lava

A possible Elden Ring bug being discussed on Reddit may allow players to walk over lava, but it’s proving extremely difficult for some players to replicate.

Gamers have long embarked on an endless quest to find exploitable glitches in their favorite titles. This applies to FromSoftware fans as well as to everyone else elden ring is anything but exploit-free. For example, a creative gamer recently discovered a way to skip a frustrating section of the Haligtree area. This is also far from the only instance where players will discover an unusual way of exploring Volcano Manor.

A recently discovered bug makes a lot possible elden ring Players walk over lava. However, it proves very difficult for other players to replicate and it seems that not everyone is capable of sprinting across the waves of molten rock.


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Reddit user Rhyfel started the discussion by sharing a clip of her character running across the lava outside Elden Rings Volcano Manor. According to them, they achieved this by equipping the game’s Frenzied Flame body modification, not to be confused with the similarly named Frenzied Flame Seal weapon. After removing the character’s armor to save weight, Rhyfel runs across the churning lava as if the molten rock were any other patch of solid ground. At first most commenters seemed to think this was an intended feature, although it appears to be more of a bug than a feature.

Commenters had mixed answers as to how Rhyfel managed it, with Reddit user Lyberatis testing several and posting the results in the comments. Her attempts have included adding or removing equipment to increase or decrease her character’s load, or the Dancer’s Castanets item in her inventory. Why some thought another quest item might be triggering the bug isn’t clear, aside from its connection to the leader of Volcano Manor. Regardless, wearing it seemed to have no effect. High fire resistance and fire stance don’t help either. Also didn’t kill all the magma worms in the lava castle. Lyberatis hypothesized that it might have something to do with Rhyfel’s character stats, but ultimately concluded that an error was to blame elden ring Exploit.

Interestingly, comments indicate that many elden ring Players can walk on water while others cannot. This seems to indicate a common cause. Unfortunately none of them elden ring Gamers on the subreddit seem to have a good explanation as to why this is happening. One hypothesis is that it requires an exceptionally high Energy value somewhere between 60 and the hard upper limit of 90 for Energy. There may also be an error in how Elden Rings Engine treats fluid physics. It can even be both.

elden ring is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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