Elden Ring Malenia Boss Battle Guide: How to Defeat Malenia

Ask any experienced Elden Ring player which boss has given them the most trouble, and almost all of them will give you the same answer: Malenia. Located at the bottom of the Haligree, this optional boss is optional, but you’ll want to take on her to prove you’re the true Elden Lord. She also gives you a Greater Rune and an excellent consumable called Remembrance of the Rot Goddess, which can be converted into one of the best weapons in the game, but she’s incredibly difficult. Here’s how to beat Malenia in Elden Ring and get those 480,000 runes.

Elden Ring Malenia fight

You should start at the Haligtree Roots Site of Grace. Her arena is just down the stairs, which will help you collect any runes you might lose if you try to topple them. In the first of two phases, Malenia’s move set consists of long, sweeping sword attacks, a bouncing sword slash that deals area-of-effect (AoE) damage, and an annoying ability to heal itself if it hits you, even if you do. repelled the attack. For this reason, unless you have a very high block ability, as a summoner you should either keep your distance or dodge in time. If you do If you have the stamina to block their attacks, keep in mind that you’ll end up dishing out more damage, but the trade-off is usually still worth it.

For this fight you should have most if not all of the following:

First phase

Immediately you’ll want to summon the Mimic Tear, one of the game’s best Spirit Ashes, even after it’s unfortunately been corrupted. This fighter mimics you from head to toe, essentially making the fight two against one. If you don’t have or don’t want to use Mimic Tear, you can instead summon human allies via the game’s multiplayer options.

However, the Mimic Tear is preferred as you know what you’re getting and it will keep you busy most of the time, giving you more attack options than going it alone. Keep dodging her moves as needed and try to deal Bleed or Frost damage to her as she is weak to these attacks. Something like Ghiza’s Wheel (Bleeding) or Hoarfrost Stomp (Frost) are great picks here, although the latter was also targeted in the recent nerfing patch applied by From Software. You should freeze her early with the stomp and then unleash the bleed damage with Ghiza’s Wheel.

We should have known she was going to be so tough when they put her in the key art.

While it doesn’t deal bleed or freeze damage, another player favorite here is the Sword of Night and Flame, thanks to its magic-centric special attack. Almost humorously, this was also nerfed in the same patch as the update mentioned above. Don’t let this pro-Malenia patch get you down though. Keep dodging and dealing damage effectively with any of the weapons mentioned here, and you’ll eventually get to their second phase.

second phase

Malenia’s second phase starts with a great and devastating AoE attack, so retreat immediately before you get into the blast zone. Once she finishes the move, your previous attack pattern will work. Assuming your Mimic Tear is still alive, keep using it as a distraction while effectively dodging and beating it down with Frost and/or Bleed damage – or with The Sword of Night and Flame’s special attack if you’ve chosen that route . You must also avoid her attacks, which now deal Scarlet damage, and ideally avoid her entirely. However, getting hit by them will heal you with a few boluses and keep you on your feet.

As with many Elden Rings, this is all easier said than done, especially after the patch. However, if you reliably avoid danger, stay agile, and deal the right types of injuries to Malenia, you’ll soon be able to take down one of the game’s most memorable bosses. Good luck, Clouded!

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