Elden Ring Player has Mimic Tears fight each other

An Elden Ring fan shares his dramatic retelling of a fight between two unarmed Mimic Tears in NG+, an exchange that lasted several hours.

elden ring is full of dramatic and memorable moments. The world map has been masterfully designed so that no matter which direction the player heads in, they will come across an interesting place. These places can be of major tourist attractions in elden ring‘s world to secret dungeons, with even the most benign caverns often leading to easily overlooked labyrinths or entirely new secret areas.

elden ringThe open world of is so good because it doesn’t worry about the player missing some of those places. The game knows where ever the player goes in elden ring You will find something interesting. But the nature of open-world games also allows players to create their own fun outside of the points of interest created by the developers.


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That’s exactly what Reddit user u/Lawlknight did in the playthrough elden ring back to NG+. When the Reddit user came back to Nokron, Eternal City, one of the game’s vast but totally overlooked areas that’s part of Ranni’s questline. Upon reaching the now-legendary Mimic Tear boss fight, u/Lawlknight took to Reddit to do a comedy retelling of what they experienced when they were summoned to battle, their own +10 Mimic Tear Spirit Ash, which they found in the received from previous playthroughs of the game.

The Mimic Tear boss fight is against an enemy that accurately replicates the player character. Taking the form of an NPC opponent, combat essentially takes place against a mirror version of the player. After defeating the Mimic Tear, players can find the Mimic Tear Spirit Ashes, which does the same and acts as an NPC co-op helper that looks exactly like the player character. The return to this boss fight in NG+ will allow players to summon this Mimic Tear helper mid-fight, meaning the fight will feature three player characters with the exact same weapons and gear.

The Reddit user recounts what happened when they discarded all weapons and items, leaving both Mimic Tears completely unarmed, and then had them challenge. The damage output for a single hit in NG+ would normally be no less than 400, but these two clones only dealt single digit damage to each other. The fight apparently lasted for several hours, but that’s uncertain as u/Lawlknight, the battle chronicler, appeared to embellish the story in some other instances, such as when the music changed or when the Reddit user prayed to the in-game deity for forgiveness .

The Mimic Tear Spirit Ash was a fan favorite among them elden ring players, but was nerfed in the 1.03 patch along with several other overpowered and unsurprisingly fan-favorite weapons.

elden ring is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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