Elden Ring PvP players kill each other simultaneously

Two very unlucky Elden Ring players hilariously kill each other simultaneously in the game’s acclaimed PvP mode.

Within just a month of its launch, FromSoftware’s elden ring is already one of the most popular titles of the year. The action role-playing game is already FromSoftware’s biggest launch, enjoying spectacular sales around the world. In addition to commercial success elden ring also makes headlines for its laudable gameplay, writing, and PvP mode.

speaking of Elden Rings PvP mode is becoming increasingly popular in the gaming community for a variety of reasons. Many players use PvP mode to learn tricky parts of the game from their fellow players, including learning to parry elden ring. At the same time, with the multiplayer mode, others have a different kind of fun.


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A lot lately elden ring PvP mode clips have gone viral, showing some of the weirdest things imaginable in a fantasy game. A video shows two players interrupting their intense fistfight to clean themselves with soap. Recently, Redditor Beautiful-Drama-6946 encountered another bizarre in-game event. In this case, the Reddit user is in the spotlight because they die at exactly the same time as their opponent. The user posted a humorous clip showing them engaging in an intense scuffle with a guy elden ring Player. Both appear to be in full swing before depleting their HP and dying at the same time.

The clip begins with Beautiful-Drama-6946 appearing to have the upper hand over his elden ring Opponents, since the HP is almost 70%. After a swing and a miss, they both approach and start swinging. They struck each other exactly four times before succumbing to their wounds and eventually dying. Ironically, all four hits seem to come at nearly identical times, including the last one that killed both. The Reddit community had their say in the comments on the clip, most of which attacked the two players, while some users praised the two for their exceptional luck.

As video clips like this show, Elden Rings PvP mode is currently a hot topic in the gaming community. In addition to such humorous clips, there are many on the Internet elden ring Tips and tricks that might come in handy in battle. One such trick refers to using the Flask of Wonderous Physick in a specific location to get explosive results.

Several other tricks take advantage of the mechanics of the game and give some players an edge over their competitors. It remains to be seen how FromSoftware will deal with such schemes, which are arguably unfair to some players.

elden ring is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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