Elon Musk denies being turned away from exclusive German nightclub: ‘I refused to enter’

Elon Musk turned to his media outlet over the weekend to complain that he was not, as some had claimed, refused entry to an exclusive nightclub in Germany, but actually “refused” to enter of his own accord.

“They wrote PEACE on the wall in Berghain! I was denied entry,” the billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX wrote on his personal Twitter account Sunday night, adding to the thread in a separate tweet that he “hated” the word.

“I hate the word. Those who care about peace (myself included) don’t need to hear it. And those who don’t care about peace? Well…” he wrote.

Commonly referred to as a “techno temple,” Berghain is also known for its strict bouncers, earning it a reputation for being one of them the hardest nightclubs to get into.

It appears that despite being the richest man in the world, Mr Musk failed over the weekend to curry favor with bouncers who, as one revealed in her memoir of working at the world-famous club, are known for trying , to promote the “right mix” of clubbers.

“I don’t mind letting the odd lawyer in double breasted with his Gucci Prada wife. If they make a good impression, let them in,” wrote Sven Marquardt, a heavily tattooed Berghain security guard, in his 2014 memoir.

“We also take guys in masks and kilts or Pamela Anderson blondes in ordinary high-street outfits lining up with bearded guys and licking sweat off each other’s armpits. For me, that is Berghain.”

Mr Musk, despite not being able to show off his dance moves at Berlin’s legendary nightclub last weekend, was able to show off his moves earlier this month in Germany, where he is celebrating the opening of his new $5.5bn (£4.2bn) home celebrated ) Tesla Gigafactory.

The plant, which CNBC says will employ 12,000 people and produce 500,000 electric vehicles a year, is located just outside of Berlin in Grünheide.

While presiding over the official opening of Tesla’s first manufacturing facility in Europe this month, Mr. Musk oversaw the delivery of the company’s first 30 German-made cars to customers and friends while dancing to EDM music.

The plant was first announced in November 2019 with plans to start production by summer 2021, but due to a global pandemic that has forced global supply chains to a near halt and ongoing clashes with local activists and environmentalistsTesla’s first electric vehicles won’t roll off the ramps until this month.

Hours after sending the nightclub tweets, it was revealed that Musk had bought a large stake in Twitter.

The billionaire bought 9.2 percent of the company, worth nearly $3 billion, according to a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Mr Musk has yet to publicly confirm or comment on the announcement.

The announcement sent Twitter shares up more than 25 percent in premarket trading.

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