Epic Games before Fortnite emote lawsuit

A choreographer claims Epic Games stole the “hook” from his dance to use as an emote in hit battle royale game Fortnite.

Fourteen days has more than a few reasons why it stands out as one of the most famous and played battle royales today. From the colorful maps to consistent game-changing updates and heaps of crossover cosmetics Fourteen days remains one of the most popular multiplayer games for modern gamers. Another distinguishing feature of the Fourteen days Formula are the emotes players can use to rub salt into their opponents’ wounds. As the subject of memes across the internet, Fortnite’s In some ways, emotes are as familiar as the game itself.


However, Epic Games’ developers don’t always come up with original ideas when it comes to creating the dance moves that players can use Fourteen days. There have been official uses of famous dances from songs like PSY’s “Gangnam Style,” though Epic Games has occasionally run into legal trouble for allegedly stealing dances from creators. In 2018, a series of lawsuits were filed against the company by dancers who believed their dances had been used illegally Fortnite’s emotions. Many of these cases against Fourteen days Developer Epic Games has been thrown out of court, although a new lawsuit is now being filed against the company.

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Choreographer Kyle Hanagami claims Epic Games stole the dance he created for Charlie Puth’s 2017 music video How Long Fourteen days The “It’s Complicated” emote in question reportedly uses the hook from Hanagami’s dance at the start. Introduced the It’s Complicated emote Fourteen days in August 2020, and Hanagmi believes his dance was stolen by Epic Games. Hanagami has brought his case to federal court for the Central District of California. So far, Hanagami’s lawsuit asks about it Fortnite Banned from using the It’s Complicated emote by court order.

While Epic Games has already managed to settle previous lawsuits out of court, on this occasion it seems like Hanagami was prepared as he has a copyright on the dance he wants to protect. In previous cases, the dances allegedly stolen by Epic Games lacked copyright, leading the law firm Pierce Brainridge to drop their lawsuits against them Fourteen days Developer.

Dance copyright is notoriously complicated, allowing for wide areas of creative expression that would be considered fair use in a courtroom. However, Hanagami’s attorneys also created a comparison video showing the similarities between the dance to “How Long” and the “It’s Complicated” emote. Since both dances are shown multiple times, the similarities between the two are clear. Whether this will cause the emote to be removed Fourteen daysbut that’s a completely different question.

Fourteen days is free to play on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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