First silicone magnetic cable ties organize cables + photos

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I first came across magnetic zip ties while scrolling through TikTok and ended up ordering a 14-pack from Amazon for $15. I’m always looking for easy-to-use organization hacks, and this seemed like a quick and inexpensive option for decluttering all of my chargers.

Loose charging cables.

Angela Tricarico/Insider

I used to throw all my chargers in a drawer. They got clumped and tangled and I forgot which charger went with which device. Wrapping the chargers with these magnetic zip ties has kept them all separate, making it so much easier to grab what I need without picking up a tangle of tangled cords.

The magnetic design is simple but groundbreaking

Charging cables tied together with rainbow magnetic ties.

Angela Tricarico/Insider

These First ties are made of silicone with magnets on each end. They have a decent amount of stretch so you can wrap anything tightly and securely. The magnets are strong enough that they have never accidentally broken apart.

I prefer these rubber bands because they are more secure and I’ve never had them break from too much stress. I also tend to lose regular twist ties, but these are so brightly colored I’ve never misplaced them.

The magnets offer a simple yet game-changing upgrade over traditional ties and I will never go back to regular ones. I have purchased several packs and have shared them with family members who are equally impressed.

You can also use them for more than just cables.

A juxtaposition of the zip ties closing a loaf of friends and hanging something on a fridge.

Angela Tricarico/Insider

The ties are great for hanging things on the fridge or for tying up a loaf of bread if you lost the twist tie that came with it.

disadvantages to consider

A side by side of the magnetic cable attracts a hair clip and scissors.

Angela Tricarico/Insider

Because the bands are attached with magnets, any metal will stick to them. Sometimes when I toss a cord in my bag, a loose hair clip snaps into place. They are also attached to other items I keep in drawers, like scissors.

The final result

These magnetic cable ties are a quick, easy and inexpensive way to organize and de-tangle your chargers or other cables. For $15 I was able to reorganize my drawer and still have a few ties left. I recommend magnetic cable ties as an alternative to rubber bands or paper ties.

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