Flashpoint Batman and Doomsday Clock merge in Flashpoint Beyond

In the main DCU, Bruce Wayne became Batman when his parents, Martha and Thomas, were murdered in Crime Alley. But in the DC Omniverse, there is an alternate reality where Martha and Bruce were murdered and where his father Thomas Wayne became Batman in an event called Flashpoint in 2011.

But that Flashpoint world was seemingly destroyed when DC rebooted its universe with The New 52, ​​though Thomas survived. Now, starting April 12th, Thomas Wayne returns home to find out how his universe survived and if he can use it to bring his dead son back.

Flashpoint Beyond #0 main cover by Dexter Soy (Image credit: DC)

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Flashpoint Beyond, a new seven-issue comic book series, continues the threads of author Geoff Johns’ original event series.

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