Formula 1 live ticker: Fernando Alonso subsequently punished

Formula 1 live ticker: Fernando Alonso subsequently punished

12:03 a.m

Seidl apologizes to drivers

We have heard Norris’ clear words before. Team boss Andreas Seidl understands this and explains: “We didn’t give Lando and Daniel the package they deserved today.”

“We therefore have to apologize to them,” said Seidl, who spoke of a “very disappointing Sunday afternoon”. “It was a tough weekend overall,” sums up the team boss.

The car was too slow, there were problems with reliability and then a pit stop was missed. “That’s why we didn’t earn any points today,” said Seidl self-critically.

11:55 p.m

Mercedes: special praise for Russell

For the first time since the season opener in Bahrain, the Brit finished behind his team-mate. He had previously finished ahead of Hamilton seven times in a row. Russell still gets special praise from Andrew Shovlin today.

“George surprised us with his ability to overtake cars in the first stint,” he reveals and explains: “We opted for a big wing on his car in qualifying to see what we could achieve in the wet conditions yesterday .”

“But we expected this to be a disadvantage in the race. However, he was able to use this to attack in the corners and fought his way through the field to fourth place,” Shovlin said.

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11:48 p.m

Red Bull still overweight

Helmut Marko revealed that on ‘ORF’. “We’re still overweight and that’s the negative. The positive is if we can do that then that’s it [das] again a considerable time advantage that we can gain there,” said the Austrian.

With regard to the weight of competitor Ferrari, he explains: “I don’t know about the race, but they were half a kilo over it in one of the last races, so significantly less than us and also significantly better than Mercedes.”

The fact that, despite the extra pounds, it was already enough to win six in a row is of course not good news for Ferrari and Co.

11:40 p.m


… Incidentally, indirectly attributes his penalty to the engine problems. He admits he had to ride “Kamikaze” at the end of the race to stay ahead of him in Ocon’s DRS window.

“Because the DRS was my only security on the straights afterwards,” he explains. Apparently he overdid it a bit…

11:34 p.m

Acquittal for Vettel

The second decision is also there. Vettel is acquitted of the incident behind the safety car. In the meantime, he had fallen more than ten car lengths behind the car in front of him.

But at the end of the safety car phase he caught up again and that was crucial. Here is the verbatim of the race stewards’ reasoning:

“After initially closing up to the car in front under the Safety Car procedure, for a period of time car 5 did not maintain the 10-car length rule. However, towards the end of the Safety Car period re-closed the gap and then maintained the required position until the race resumption.”

“The Stewards also note that there were other drivers who also failed to keep to the 10-car lengths at different times during the procedure but that all were compliant at the end of the Safety Car period. Therefore the Stewards conclude that a penalty for car 5 is not appropriate in these circumstances.”

11:25 p.m

Norris: Everything went wrong…

We’ll stick with McLaren for a moment. “I think everything just went wrong today,” the Briton dismisses and clarifies: “The car is just not good enough.” In fact, the result might even be helpful today.

Because the result shows relentlessly “that we’re far away,” said Norris. You now have to work “very hard” on “many different things”. Currently one is dependent on “luck” to get good results.

A race like today, where you weren’t lucky, then shows “where we really stand,” said Norris. Clear words.

11:17 p.m

Ricciardo: Inconspicuous and without a chance

With today’s zero number, McLaren is also one of the losers in Canada. Ricciardo reports that he was stuck on “some DRS trains”. “I wouldn’t say we had any strengths today,” said the Australian.

In the end, he just rode along, but wasn’t able to set any accents. With regard to the next race in Silverstone, he does not dare to make any predictions, because the 2022 season has been an up and down for McLaren so far.

Ricciardo reminds that both cars scored points in Baku. Today then the double zero number. “I have no idea,” he shrugs.

11:11 p.m

Speaking of Red Bulls…

Today was the sixth win in a row for the Bulls. In fact, it’s the second best streak in the team’s history! Only at the end of the 2013 season was one better. At that time Vettel even got nine wins in a row – and single-handedly.

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11:07 p.m

Reason for failure at Perez

“It was damage to the gearbox,” confirms Helmut Marko on ‘Sky’ and reveals: “The gearbox was at the end of its service life, but should have lasted. But it can also be a late consequence of the accident [im Qualifying getsern] have been.”

With regard to the duel at the top, he explains: “Thank God Sainz has twice in the hairpin [einen] had slightly slowed down, otherwise it would have become even tighter. But we didn’t think it would be that hard.”

“So in the end we had to drive at full speed,” he reports, adding: “We didn’t pay any attention to the brakes or anything else. Then the radio on Max failed. At least we didn’t get any complaints…”

11:01 p.m

Magnussen is annoyed with the race management

And another frustrated driver: The Dane has no understanding that the race management instructed Haas to replace the broken front wing. “It was nothing,” he dismisses. The car was “perfect” to drive even with the defect.

“It had no effect on the car,” he emphasizes, adding: “That’s normal. You have to be able to finish the race with a few scratches on the car.” However, the race director saw the stricken car as a safety risk.

Again no points for Haas – now for the fifth time in a row.

10:54 p.m

Alonso: engine problem from lap 20

The Spaniard is also pretty well served after P7. And there could even be a penalty – as with Vettel, by the way. “The engine,” he answers when asked why he kept falling behind.

From lap 20 you had a problem. “We tried to fix it, but it didn’t work. Luckily we didn’t park the car and got a few more points,” said Alonso.

“But I think we’ve been fighting for the podium up until then,” he says angrily, because his car “flew” this weekend. In the end, however, he was missing about a second on the straights.

Then of course nothing worked.

10:48 p.m

Vettel: Good points would have been possible

“It just didn’t go for us today,” he says on Sky, adding: “I think we were quick enough to take more than a few points. I think we might even have one more [Alpine] can catch.”

“But it was a completely different race, which we needed. The virtual safety car phases broke our necks both times. And then it was over anyway,” he shrugs.

“It’s bitter because we only take one point as a team today,” said Vettel. Team colleague Stroll was tenth at the end. “Today just wasn’t our day,” he dismisses.

10:43 p.m

Leclerc: That’s why it didn’t go forward

The safety car saved his race in the end. He reports that he got stuck in the DRS train in the first part of the race. “In the middle stint there was a pretty big problem with traction,” said Leclerc.

Then he got stuck behind Ocon on new tires, which was “very frustrating”. “And then of course we had the problem with the pit stop, which made our life much more difficult,” he recalls.

Then he got stuck in the DRS train again. Ultimately, P5 was therefore the best possible result. After all, he was voted the official driver of the day today.

10:37 p.m

Despite failure “liberation” for Mick?

At least that’s what expert Ralf Schumacher believes, who explains to ‘Sky’: “I think that was an important liberation. […] What happened there today, no one can blame. If anything, it’s a Ferrari issue.”

In general, Canada was “great for the whole team”. “Magnussen fast, Mick fast. Super race pace,” praised Schumacher. But there were no points in the end, which is why you should be much less satisfied in the team…

10:30 p.m

Russell: Never so close as today

The Briton is also satisfied today and explains to ‘Sky’: “Our pace was closer to Ferrari and Red Bull than in the whole season.” Especially in the second stint the pace was “really strong”.

It was only after the restart that he was no longer able to get the tires to work properly and was therefore unable to keep up with his teammate. Nevertheless, the team scored “good points” today.

There was no porpoising today. However, the problem is not yet solved.

10:23 p.m

Wolff: Have to be satisfied

“I think we have to be happy,” says the Mercedes team boss at ‘Sky’ after P3 and P4 and explains: “We really got it out on the track today. That was the pace. At the end of the second stint we were too with the fastest.”

However, he also warns: “One swallow does not make a summer, as they say. We also saw that in Barcelona.” After Mercedes was fast in Spain, another setback followed in Monaco and Baku.

“Silverstone has always been good for us in the past. Now the question is whether that also applies to the new car. I think it’s better for us where there are fewer bumps,” said Wolff with regard to the next race.

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