Genshin Impact fans are demanding a big quality of life improvement

A group of Genshin Impact fans are requesting that a big quality of life buff be added to the game to make finding chests and other secrets easier.

Genshin Impact is one of the many modern games that have capitalized on the popularity of open-world settings. This paid off by transforming the continent of Teyvat into a vast and immersive landscape reminiscent of breath of the wild, but also has its downsides. Well, a group of Genshin Impact Fans are demanding a big quality of life improvement that would make completing the game a lot less stressful.

There are many regions in Genshin Impact and more are being added regularly, all littered with chests, mora, seelies, and other secrets. In fact, finding all of those hidden rewards can be a slow and painful process. This is especially true since even reaching 100% in a region does not guarantee that every secret has been found.


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Redditor LightningShado started the discussion with a post asking miHoYo to change Genshin Impact‘s map, allowing any remaining secrets to appear after players reach 100% in a given region. This quality of life change would make exploring Teyvat much less stressful for concerned players. LightningShado described feeling constantly paranoid about missing materials or primogems in an area they had already cleared. They also wondered why miHoYo hadn’t built this small but useful feature into the game from the start.

Another user, ArkassEX, explained that even if a full map upgrade isn’t on the horizon, miHoYo should give the Treasure Compass unlimited range. They also suggested that the compass should snap onto chests hidden by puzzles and mechanisms that are easy to miss.

TheQuestionableDuck built on this by explaining that with the current treasure hunt mechanic in 2025, players would still be searching across the map for a single shared chest that was overlooked in Mondstadt. A third user noted that miHoYo seems to collect data on the most overlooked chests and occasionally holds an event near those locations.

Her colleague Redditor July-Thirty-First suggested an alternative solution: miHoYo could sync the completion status of players’ exploration with the official Genshin Impact Interactive map. This would allow the map to update in real-time based on which puzzles were added to the game – and which puzzles the player completed. However, this would require miHoYo to regularly update the official interactive map, which some users complain the company doesn’t do. More users expressed that they were tired of looking for chests and taking new routes that weren’t marked on the official map to try to 100% complete a region.

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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