Genshin Impact – Ruin Serpent Boss Guide

If there’s one thing you need to know about Genshin Impact’s new normal boss, The Ruin Serpent, is that it moves a lot. Too much of. To get to the Ruin Serpent, you must have access to The Chasm’s underground area and have completed the Securing Seal Separation with Seven Stars quest. The Ruin Serpent costs 40 resin and also drops the unique item Runic Fang, which will likely be an Ascension material for future characters. It has a number of unique slime clearing mechanics. So make sure you have your Lumenstone Adjuvant equipped when fighting this boss. The higher your Lumenstone Adjuvant level, the easier this fight will be.

How to beat up the Ruin Serpent

  • Stun the Ruin Serpent: The boss will spit out four pools of mud, and eventually the Ruin Serpent will start absorbing energy from the mud. You have to be careful about when it starts. Using your Lumenstein Adjuvant to clean the mud puddles the boss is trying to absorb will stun the Ruin Serpent. A few seconds of immobility is a godsend and you can deal a lot of damage to the boss in that amount of time.
  • Charge your Lumenstone Adjuvant: What if your Lumenstone Adjuvant runs out of energy? Do not worry. Geo-ore will sprout periodically in the arena. Use a character to break the ore and restore your energy.
Remove the sludge with your Lumenstein adjuvant when the Ruin Serpent begins absorbing it.

Team comp recommendations

  • bring in Mobile Healer (e.g. Barbara, Kokomi and Diona) if your DPS is good at melee combat. Bennett can also work if you’re primarily working with ranged characters.
  • bring in shield (e.g. Zhongli, Xinyan and Noelle). You’ll have to keep chasing the snake around the arena and there are a few hard-to-avoid attacks, so a shield definitely comes in handy.
  • geo sign are also great because they can easily break the Geo-Ores and you can charge your Adjuvant faster.
  • bring in DPS with good burst damage (e.g. Hu Tao and Ayaka) or a ranged DPS (Ganyu and Yoimiya)
  • An additional suggestion, but absolutely not required: an off-field DPS (e.g. Fischl or Yae Miko) is also useful for constant element reactions. I used Fischl’s Oz to deal constant damage to the Ruins Serpent (when the serpent is above ground). Nice to have extra damage while my main DPS on the field (Diluc) is pounding the boss.
Example of the Ruin Serpent team
Example of the Ruin Serpent team

Full list of Ruins Serpent’s abilities:

  • Diving in and out of the floor followed by a lunge. This travels quite a distance across the arena. This means the window to damage is fairly short (since it can’t be attacked while underground) and you need to exploit it when it’s open to attack.
  • Spit out four mud puddles located by the cardinals in the arena.
  • Only at the beginning of the fight will your Lumenstone Adjuvant be drained of all but two bars of energy.
  • A rotating attack that can cause characters to get stuck in the middle, preventing them from clearing the mud on the side of the arena and thereby failing to stun the Ruin Serpent.
  • It will also walk horizontally and perform a long range attack by rolling left and right. This gets telegraphed pretty early on, so it’s not hard to work around. But it may catch you off guard.
  • Eventually, there will be a “black hole” attack that will suck players into the center of the arena.
  • If you let the Ruin Serpent absorb energy from the mud, she has a projectile fire attack and a considerable range downward attack. (Hint: you don’t want the Ruin Serpent to reach these stages!)
Stunned Ruin Serpent
Stunned Ruin Serpent

So there you have it: how to effectively defeat the Ruin Serpent. Happy Farming! For more guides on Chasm, check out our Archon Quest Walkthrough Guide and The Chasm Delvers Walkthrough Guide.