Genshin Impact World Quest – The Chasm Delvers Guide

Genshin Impacts The Chasm has a long world quest line called The Chasm Delvers. Completing the first three parts of The Chasm Delvers is required to progress through the new Archon Quest that we covered in the Archon Quest – Requiem of The Echoing Depths guide. This guide covers the last two parts of The Chasm Delvers: Perils in The Dark and Whyfore Did the Spiritstone Descend. The two quests contain puzzles and a fight with a variation of the newest boss, the Ruin Serpent.

The Chasm Delvers: Dangers in the Dark

Drop near the mud and cleanse it with your Lumenstone Adjuvant. The revealed journal of Fatuus instructs you to activate two bells in the northern and southern ruins.