Ghostwire: Tokyo – Location of the Saihama building on the roof of Tanuki

Ghostwire: Tokyo offers many side quests and collectibles while the protagonists pursue their main mission. For example, early in the game the player encounters a tanuki boss who has lost all of his fellow tanuki.

If you accept the quest from this tanuki, the Tanuki Hunt questline will begin, and thus the search for Tanuki begins. There are 25 tanuki in total Ghostwire: Tokyo, and the boss informs the player of their particularly elusive nature. Due to the incursion of visitors, the tanuki disguised themselves as inanimate objects. Luckily, they have one flaw in their perfect disguise: their cock will still stick out.


Find Tanuki

Finding the Tanuki can be quite tricky at times, but luckily there are many options and tools available to the player to streamline the process. The player can use their Spectral Vision, which reveals all interactive objects around them. This includes Tanuki, who is easily recognized by her fluffy tail, which is outlined in the highlight.

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Players can also read the minds of cats and dogs roaming the empty streets of Tokyo. Occasionally, in dialogue, they provide clues as to the whereabouts of the hidden tanuki in the nearby area. Finally, the player can locate offering boxes at their respective shrines and make a donation, allowing them to view the location of what they asked for directly on the map.

Location of the Saihama building on the roof of Tanuki


Not all shrines are the same Ghostwire: Tokyo. Some have only one tanuki, others several, still others none at all. Luckily there is only one tanuki in the torii gate shrine on the roof of the Saihama building.

First, the player must clear the shrine of all wandering visitors. There are a couple on the floor and then three floating surrounding a ladder. Use this ladder to access the roof. Once the shrine is cleared and the mist cleared, the player should be able to find the tanuki fairly easily.


The borders of this shrine are not very big, so the player can easily Jump to the ground in the middle of the block and activate Spectral Vision, which should reveal the tanuki location to the player if they have a keen eye. This tanuki is very close to the north of the shrine’s map marker and is in an alley disguised as a exaggerated tanuki statue, funny enough. Interacting with the Tanuki will reveal it, and it will provide dialogue for the player and then reward them with 100 XP and an emote for their efforts. This emote is called “Ground Sit 2”.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is available now for PS5 and PC.

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