God of War Ragnarok’s Ryan Hurst visits Santa Monica Studios

God of War Ragnarok’s Ryan Hurst, the actor who plays antagonist Thor, shares photos from a recent visit to the Santa Monica studio.

God of War hid a discreet post-credits scene in a sentimental and optional endeavor. When players return to Kratos and Atreus’ home from the start God of War After traveling to Jotunheim to scatter Faye’s ashes, they will see a mockery for one of them God of War RagnarokMain antagonist: Thor.

Thor’s reveal was indeed a surprise for the players who already got to see it and sped up what events could unfold God of War‘s sequel. Thor’s role in God of War Ragnarok has yet to be fully determined, but his unorthodox brand of disclosures has continued thereafter. God of War Ragnarok‘s Thor is played by Ryan Hurst, whom fans may recognize from roles such as Gerry Bertier Think of the titans“Opie” Winston into it Sons of Anarchyand beta one the Walking Dead. Hurst recently shared photos from his visit to a particular studio.


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Hurst shared photos to commemorate his return to Santa Monica Studio in Santa Monica, California. Hurst doesn’t explain exactly what the nature of his visit was, but the photos he took reflect his excitement and pride for his role God of War Ragnarok Nevertheless. Hurst’s first photo shows him happily pressed against a massive studio logo for Santa Monica Studio, while the second photo shows Hurst posing in front of a logo banner for God of War Ragnarok.

The third and fourth photos show Hurst staring menacingly at Santa Monica Studio’s life-size statue of Kratos. While this is technically not a stare down between God of War Ragnarok‘s Kratos and Thor, it foreshadows the intense encounter that fans will experience when God of War Ragnarok releases. In the meantime, it’s fun to see Hurst pose with the statue in his persona and spice up Kratos and Thor’s heavyweight fight.

Thor’s character has been fully portrayed God of War Art Director Raf Rossetti’s character model art, while interestingly the character was not shown at all God of War Ragnarok‘s reveal trailer. Thor’s appearance in God of War Ragnarok has been criticized for how it distances itself from the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s interpretation of the Norse god, but it appears to resemble the authentic portrayal of the character more than inspiration.

However, Thor’s voice was heard in the trailer in a single line: “You seem like a calm and sane person. Are you a calm and sane person?” Hurst’s natural command of a deep, guttural voice will surely make Thor an imposing threat when players meet him God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok Slated for release on PS4 and PS5 in 2022.

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