GOG wants to go back to the “roots of classic games”.

How many of you remember the full form of GOG? Good Old Games, as it stands, was originally created with a mission to bring retro PC gaming to the public. But over time and due to competition from other video game marketplaces and platforms, GOG shifted its focus towards modern games. However, it appears that the platform will return to its roots.

GOG management has announced that the site will shift its focus back to retro games. “Originally, GOG stood for Good Old Games. The idea for the company came from a desire to play older games in a legal and easy-to-use way,” according to GOG in a blog post. “Since classic games hold a special place in our hearts, we want to pay more attention to them. That means our goal is for GOG to once again become the best place for classic PC games.”


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“Our job isn’t just to release the games that are already out there. It’s making them available to everyone — that often means fixing them and making sure they run on the modern systems you have,” it continued. “So far we have achieved this through our internal work and various collaborations with DOSBox or ScummVM, among others.”

GOG also found that legality is a major hurdle when dealing with retro games. Mainly because the rights have changed hands several times, companies have been bought out and in some cases the developers no longer exist. But while the company has its work cut out, it wanted to celebrate the occasion by showcasing some of the games available. These include Diablo + Hellfire, Theme Hospital, Dungeon Keeper Gold, Deus Ex GOTY Edition, System Shock: Enhanced Edition. But the highlight is The Wheel of Time with modern OS compatibility and Hi-Res support.

GOG is just one of many companies in the video game industry doing their part to support the relief efforts in Ukraine. The company announced it would donate its share of the profits from Slipways and This War Of Mine to the Ukrainian Red Cross, just like the developers did.

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