GOP candidate shoots ‘godless commune’ vote counting machine in campaign ad

A Republican Senate candidate from Oklahoma released a campaign ad in which he shot a Dominion sham voting machine.

Jarrin Jackson, who is running for state office in Oklahoma, posted the video Monday. In the ad, he walks up to a printer and asks, “Whose is this?”

The printer’s lid is labeled “Property of: Godless Commies.”

Dominion Voting Systems has been the focus of numerous conspiracy theories following the 2020 election. There has never been any evidence that the company engaged in any fraudulent activity related to the election.

Other phrases are on the printer, including “Don’t believe the gospel of Jesus Christ,” “I’m not legal,” and “I’m coming for your children.”

He then pulls out the printer’s paper tray to reveal messages written on sheets of paper with black marker. These phrases include “Burn the Bible” and “Steal Elections, Destroy America, New World Order.”

“I just took off with the Constitution and it says it is my God-given right to defend my way of life and see how this Dominion voting machine right there poses a major threat to my life, my way of life and my family , my future,” he says, before saying he’s “caught” the printer and will “forgo some justice.”

He looks off the screen before saying, “Don’t tell anyone.” Mr. Jackson then picks up a rifle and shoots the printer from about four feet away. He ends the video over the Frank Sinatra song “My Way” and says “America”.

Aside from the fact that the conspiracy theories about Dominion voting machines have been flatly debunked, Mr. Jackson’s argument for why the Constitution gives him the right to destroy the machine could just as easily be made for a Democratic legislator, or even a Democratic voter.

The daily beast spoke to a Dominion representative about the video.

“Election misinformation is dangerous in itself, but violent demonstrations directly endanger our employees and customers, who have been the target of constant harassment and threats,” they said.

Dominion has filed multi-billion dollar lawsuits against individuals who have fabricated voting conspiracies centered on their voting machines. MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and “Kraken” attorney Sidney Powell are all defendants in lawsuits brought by Dominion.

Mr. Jackson previously ran as a congressional candidate for Oklahoma’s 2nd Circuit but lost the primary in 2018. He finished second by a wide margin behind Congressman Markwayne Mullin and scored just 25 percent of the primary.

Oklahoma 2nd District Incumbent Mary Quinn plans to run for Mr. Mullins’ seat as he intends to challenge Senator Jim Inhofe for his seat.

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