GOP Sen. Cornyn is dodgy on whether Trump’s praise of Putin is ‘unwise’

A GOP senator avoided a direct answer on Sunday when he was grilled on Fox News over Donald Trump’s recent remarks encouraging Vladimir Putin to release dirt about Joe Biden’s son’s business dealings.

Sen John Cornyn was asked by Fox News Sunday Guest presenter Martha MacCallum questioned whether it was “unwise” for Mr Trump to call Vladimir Putin’s strategy, which referred to the deployment of Russian forces in the separatist Donbass region, “ingenious” just before the all-out war between Russia and erupted in Ukraine.

Ms MacCallum also questioned whether Democrats or Mr Trump’s other rivals would attack his request for Mr Putin to provide information that allegedly detailed the business practices of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, in Ukraine.

Mr Cornyn twice refused to answer directly, instead noting that Mr Putin was a “killer” and that he “wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him”.

He added that questions about any information Mr Putin might release are “not worth talking about,” noting the Russian leader’s untrustworthy nature, likely inferring a reference to Russia’s long-standing misinformation tactics.

Earlier this year, Mr Putin and other Russian officials vocally protested US claims that their military was planning to invade Ukraine, as misinformation itself.

Former President Trump’s relationship with Vladimir Putin has been a protracted topic of discussion throughout the Trump presidency, as never-proven allegations of Russian influence or control have been circulated on the left, while the president publicly acknowledges a close alliance with his Russian counterpart seemed to maintain; Notably, at a joint press conference with Mr. Putin, Mr. Trump echoed Russia’s explanation for 2016 election interference over US intelligence findings.

The president’s kind words for Mr Putin over the past few weeks, made during an interview with two podcast hosts, reignited some of the criticism he has faced from Democrats for embracing the Russian president, who international experts say is now country has an autocratic control over the Russian president.

Other GOP officials such as Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar faced similar criticism for attending an alternative CPAC conference hosted by a white nationalist and attended by a crowd of far-right Americans who broke into chants of ” Putin! Putin!” at one point during the event.

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