Grab our 2021 Game of the Year for just $20

If you’re a PS5 owner who hasn’t played Deathloop yet, GameFly has a lot worth taking advantage of at the moment. Used copies of Deathloop are available for only $20, that’s the best price we can remember. The caveat here is that you’ll get a disc that’s probably been rented by at least a few other people, but you’ll get the original packaging plus inserts if you buy games from GameFly. We’ve also had great luck with games we bought from GameFly – discs often looked brand new.

If you’re not yet immersed in the stylized world of Blackreef, now is the perfect time to do so. Our Deathloop review found it to be one of the most innovative games of 2021 – and it ended up winning the 2021 Game of the Year award.

“It cannot be underestimated how impressive it is that Arkane has created a game inspired by multiple ‘hardcore’ genres such as immersive sim and roguelite and delivered it in a way that is accessible to everyone” , wrote GameSpot Editor-in-Chief Tamoor Hussain. “And it’s even more impressive that it has done so while cementing its own identity as a game developer. Everything the studio’s previous games were loved for is found in Deathloop, and each piece is executed exceptionally well.”