Halo Infinite Grenadier texture issue is still not resolved

Halo Infinite users are noticing that the texture for the Grenadier shoulder pad on the Halo Reach Jorge armor set is still missing.

Since its initial launch in December last year Halo infinity has managed to leave a lasting impression on many of its players. From the new open-world approach to the single player campaign, to the new multiplayer modes and weapons players can use, Halo infinity has a lot to offer its player base. However, some players seem to be annoyed by a missing texture on one of the armor pieces.

While many players have enjoyed their time with Halo infinity, there were a number of technical issues that impacted gameplay. One of the most noticeable of these are the desync issues in Halo Infinites multiplayer. However, one of the recent complaints is on the aesthetic side of things, with one of the armor pieces being completely lacking in texture.


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Over on Reddit, a user named Jetsflighter pointed out that the Grenadier armor set is modeled after the character Jorge in Hello ReachIt is missing a texture on the left shoulder pad. It probably wouldn’t be as noticeable if it weren’t such a prominent piece of armor, and the fact that every other piece of armor is properly textured makes it stand out quite a bit.

Granted, compared to many other technical issues in Halo infinity, this one seems a bit easier to fix. Issues like desync and the issue with tracking challenges in Halo infinity would probably take precedence over fixing a missing texture. That said, it’s still something that should ultimately be addressed, especially since the overwhelming majority of armor sets don’t have this issue.

It’s fascinating to see how video game fans react to missing or bizarre texture issues. After the recent publication of the Mario Kart 8 additional content, Mario Kart Fans were deeply annoyed with the grass texture compared to the original 2014 version of the course. Some members of the gaming community might take these complaints as nitpicking, but it ultimately depends on how noticeable they are.

In any case, this issue with the Grenadier shoulder pad should hopefully be fixed in time. In any case, it will be interesting to see what the future brings Halo infinity go forward. There is a lot of upcoming content for the game yet to be released such as: Halo Infinites Version of Forge mode. However, there is still no indication of when that will be released.

Halo infinity is now available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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