Horizon Forbidden West trick lets players “fly” with tornadoes.

A young Horizon Forbidden West fan discovers that an environmental hazard can be used to fly over part of the map.

Aloy Shieldwing

Horizon forbidden west brought it when it came to improving traversal in the game. The Shield Wing Glider is a handy tool that was heavily featured in pre-release marketing, and Aloy acquires it early in the game. Useful for gracefully gliding down tall mountains and buildings, as well as an added combat element in the right environment, it can easily become one of the most used items in the game.

A fan posted a video on r/Horizon of his child playing Horizon forbidden west and stumbles upon a nifty trick that allows Aloy to “fly” much earlier than intended. While running through the desert surrounding the Tenakth settlement of Scalding Spear, the 11-year-old player somehow gets the idea of ​​encountering a passing dust devil. Instead of listening to Aloy’s lament, which is usually triggered when one is nearby, the player gets a run-up, leaping into the air and into the whirling dervish.


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Surprisingly, the Dust Devil actually lifts Aloy higher in the air, and she practically flies on the resulting updraft. That can hardly be the intended function of environmental phenomena, but it’s one of those things when developers put practical game functions in the hands of ingenuity horizon fans. A dust devil occurs when warm air rises rapidly through an area of ​​cool, low-pressure air. Comments below the video also marvel at the wonder of this discovery as one of the things that shouldn’t work but does work. One or two fans claim they did similar things, but the majority left reactions saying they were surprised by this video.

As unintentionally cool to fly with a dust devil, unfortunately, it’s limited and impractical. Using the tornado to “fly” is unpredictable. While the player tries to focus on staying as close to the Vortex as possible, they can easily fall into the clutches of one of the larger machines in the region like Thunderjaw, Slitherfang, or even worse, a Rockbreaker, and find themselves caught in a fight unprepared to the. Also, Dust Devils are short-lived, and even shorter in video game terms, as they are intended only as set dressing and not as a flying tool.

The aeronautically-savvy youngster’s dream of flying will soon come true as Aloy gains the ability to fly an airplane much later in the game. They’re a long way from that point given the HUD, but when that moment arrives, this 11-year-old kid will surely rise to new heights and marvel at what Guerrilla Games has made possible Horizon forbidden west.

Horizon forbidden west is available now on PS4 and PS5.

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