I won’t bow to the mob: Madison Cawthorn says he ‘won’t stop fighting’ in the face of orgies and cocaine comments

North Carolina Republican Representative Madison Cawthorn tweeted that he “won’t stop fighting” and that he “won’t bow down to the mob” after investigating his comments alleging other politicians had before he took cocaine and invited him to orgies.

“The far left, the establishment and the media want to bring me down. Their attacks were relentless. I won’t stop fighting. I will not bow to the mob. They want to silence the America First movement. I’m not going anywhere,” Mr Cawthorn tweeted on Thursday.

The congressman also released a campaign video in which a narrator says that “the entire left establishment has targeted Madison Cawthorn as public enemy number one. Their graffiti and attacks are relentless and they tried everything to bring him down.”

“But Madison Cawthorn can’t be stopped and that’s why they’re afraid of him because he’s effective. Against all odds, Madison Cawthorn continues to stand up and fight to represent the people of North Carolina in the DC swamp. He is our champion of faith, family and liberty and will never stop putting America first,” the narrator adds.

Mr. Cawthorn said so Warrior Poet Society Podcast that “the sexual perversion that’s going on in Washington … I look at all these people, a lot of them I’ve looked up to my entire life.”

“I’ve always paid a lot of attention to politics, all of a sudden you’re invited to say, ‘Well, hey, we’re having some sort of sexual encounter at one of our houses, you should come!’ And you realize they’re asking you to come to an orgy,” he said.

“You know, some of the people who are leading the movement to try and eradicate addiction in our country and they’re watching them do, you know, a big batch of cocaine right in front of you,” he added added.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Minority Whip Steve Scalise met Mr Cawthorn on Wednesday. While Mr Cawthorn, 26, declined to answer reporters’ questions after the meeting, Mr McCarthy, 57, said, “He has lost my trust and needs to regain it. And I laid out whatever I thought was inappropriate.”

“That’s unacceptable. There’s no evidence for that. He changes what he does [says] and that’s not a congressman’s right… He wasn’t telling the truth,” he added, claiming Mr. Cawthorn changed his story when confronted with members of the Republican House leadership.

Mr McCarthy said Mr Cawthorn “thinks he may have seen an employee in a car park, maybe 100 yards away” taking drugs. He added that Mr Cawthorn told him “he doesn’t know what cocaine is”.

Mr McCarthy said Mr Cawthorn could “very well” be disciplined for his statements.

Former Trump adviser and longtime Republican activist Roger Stone posted on right-wing social media site Gab that “Cawthorn just told me that (he) has NOT retracted his claims about drug-fueled orgies among DC elites.”

“Why would anyone believe a statement by Kevin McCarthy or anything reported on CNN? McCarthy is a corrupt RINO and CNN lies about everything,” he added.

Stone was pardoned by former President Donald Trump before leaving office after Stone was convicted of seven crimes in late 2019, including obstructing a congressional investigation, lying to investigators under oath and witness tampering.

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