Is F1 2022 worth it? ran employee takes the test - Bark Sedov
Is F1 2022 worth it?  ran employee takes the test

Is F1 2022 worth it? ran employee takes the test

Is F1 2022 worth it?  ran employee takes the test

Munich – Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher are currently struggling in Formula 1. At least on the console, I might be able to save German motorsport honor. F1 2022, the annual offshoot of the Codemasters racing series, was released on July 1st. I played the game and describe my first impression.

Annually released video games usually have the problem that the changes are not too big. It’s different this time with “F1 2022”. Whether that is positive remains to be seen.

The story mode from “F1 2021” has disappeared – very unfortunate! “Breaking Point”, as the story was called last year, was entertaining and had a touch of the Netflix series “Drive to Survive”. It is to be hoped that there will be a comeback in “F1 2023”.

F1 Live and Supercars are unnecessary innovations

There’s new content for that. The added mode “F1 Live” should give the player an impression of what the life of a real Formula 1 driver feels like. In the case of “F1 2022”, this means that the player can set up his dwelling luxuriously or buy various accessories.

This can be paid for with coins awarded by the game or with real money. My personal opinion: This mode is completely unnecessary and can gladly disappear again. If I want to furnish an apartment, I buy “The Sims” – and not a racing game.

Another innovation are the supercars. The player can race across the Formula 1 tracks in various supercars. That sounds like a nice change, but doesn’t convince me at all when I play it for the first time. The driving experience is awful. The sports cars drive sluggishly.

Honestly, if I want to drive fast sports cars, I buy “Gran Turismo 7” or similar titles. But I bought this game to immerse myself in the world of Formula 1.

After all: Apart from the story mode, the game variants from last year are still included. This includes the MyTeam mode, in which you can now set in advance whether you start as a top team, in midfield or at the end of the field. The career mode, the split-screen mode for two players, the online mode and Formula 2 are also represented again.

Better graphics, better sound

And looking at the pure Formula 1 aspects of the game, I’m quite excited. First I went to Miami to get to know the new racetrack.

My impression: great! The Hard Rock Stadium of the Miami Dolphins can be seen in the background, where the course was built. Small details, for example the party music that can be heard on some sections of the route, complete the Miami flair.

In general, the graphics have improved compared to the previous year. The engine sound is also significantly better, it simply sounds more like real Formula 1. The technical revolutions of the cars this season were also captured. You can immediately feel that the cars are heavier and therefore a bit more cumbersome than last year. If you don’t act in a dosed manner when accelerating out of a curve, you risk spinning – especially if all driving aids are deactivated.

The AI ​​opponents drive very aggressively. It feels like they are acting even more offensively than last year, thereby increasing the risk of collision. This could lead to frustration, since (as in real Formula 1) even the slightest bump can damage the vehicle. Thanks to the rewind function, however, the problem can be solved.

More driving fun with one steering wheel

I’m testing the game with the Thrustmaster Formula Wheel Add-On Ferrari SF1000 Edition – a replica of the Ferrari steering wheel. As with last year’s version, the game and steering wheel are very compatible. All information – from the speed to the condition of the tires – can be shown directly on the steering wheel display.

In general, F1 is a game that seems to be made primarily for steering wheel gamers. Operating the gearbox manually, which is what makes a good racing driver, is finger acrobatics on the gamepad. At the steering wheel, on the other hand, there is a real racing driver feeling.

Conclusion: For me personally, the new Miami route and small improvements in graphics and sound justify the new purchase. Here, however, opinions may differ from player to player. That F1 Life and Supercars are unnecessary, on the other hand, should be a unanimous opinion. Likewise, the desire for the story mode to return again in the coming year.

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