Judge rejects Ghislaine Maxwell’s offer for a new trial

Ghislaine Maxwell’s offer for a new trial was turned down.

Maxwell, 60, had requested a new trial after juror 50, known by his first name Scotty David, failed to disclose in a pretrial questionnaire that he had suffered sexual abuse as a child.

In a much-anticipated decision released Friday afternoon, Judge Alison Nathan said the juror did not intentionally mislead the court during the jury’s selection process.

“His failure to disclose his past sexual abuse during the jury selection process was highly unfortunate but not intentional,” concluded Judge Nathan.

“The court further concludes that juror 50 had no bias against the defendant and was able to serve as a fair and impartial jury.”

In December, Maxwell was found guilty of five sex trafficking charges because the jury found the jury soliciting and grooming young girls to be molested by her former boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein.

Days after the verdict, Scotty David broke his silence in an exclusive interview The Independent There he revealed that he shared his experiences of sexual abuse with other jury members during deliberations and helped convince them that Maxwell’s victims were telling the truth.

“This verdict applies to all victims,” ​​he said The Independent. “For those who have testified, for those who have come forward and for those who have not come forward. I’m glad Maxwell was held accountable.”

He was ordered to testify at a hearing in March, where he told Judge Nathan he made an “honest mistake”.

He denied that he had intentionally misled the court by withholding his abuse or that it had influenced his reasoning in finding Maxwell guilty.

Scotty David arrives at federal court in Manhattan in March


“This is one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made in my life and if I could go back and change everything and slow down and take my time, I would do it immediately,” he said at the March hearing.

All potential jurors in the case were asked to fill out a screening form during voire dire asking, “Have you or a friend or family member ever been the victim of sexual harassment, abuse, or assault?”

Scotty David ticked “no” and later said in interviews that he couldn’t remember being asked that question.

Maxwell’s attorneys argued that failure to disclose his story, which he later discussed in interviews, was a reason to overturn the convictions and order a retrial.

However, in her decision issued Friday, Judge Nathan said, “Testimony by jury 50 found his lack of care was limited to the questionnaire session.

“Juror 50 showed up to the hearing on time every day and seemed attentive to the court.

“There is no evidence that juror 50 failed to follow the instructions of this court during that time here you goTrials or deliberations.”

Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein were ‘partners in crime’

(US District Court for the Southern District of New York/AFP)

Judge Nathan added that Scotty David’s testimony under penalty of perjury during the March hearing showed that he was a fair juror.

“To suggest or infer that Juror 50 was biased – simply because he was himself a victim of sexual abuse in a sexual abuse and sex trafficking-related trial and despite his own credible testimony, determined under penalty of perjury that he could be a a just one.” and impartial juror – would be tantamount to concluding that a person with a history of sexual abuse can never serve as a fair and impartial juror in such a trial,” Judge Nathan said.

“It’s not the law and it shouldn’t be.”

Hours before the decision was released, Maxwell’s attorneys, Bobbi Sternheim and Christian Everdell, asked a judge to stay their mistrial motion until they could review a “bombshell disclosure” contained in a new Paramount Plus documentary entitled is Ghislaine: Accomplice.

In a released trailer, Scotty David says, “Some jurors had serious credibility issues with some of these victims.

“Just because some memories are fuzzy doesn’t mean they aren’t telling the truth.”

During a five-week trial, four women testified that they were sexually assaulted by Epstein and Maxwell at his homes in New York, Palm Beach and New Mexico.

Prosecutors said Maxwell would appear as a trusting, sisterly older female figure, luring her into Epstein’s orbit.

Maxwell enabled Epstein in his abuse and on a number of occasions even participated, they said, calling the former couple “partners in crime” in a “pyramid scheme of abuse.”

Maxwell, who is due to be sentenced in June, faces up to 65 years in prison.

Epstein died in prison in August 2019 while awaiting trial on sex crimes charges.

His death was ruled a suicide by the coroner.

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