Kasalla has to cancel the performance due to overcrowding - Bark Sedov
Kasalla has to cancel the performance due to overcrowding

Kasalla has to cancel the performance due to overcrowding

Kasalla has to cancel the performance due to overcrowding

Parookaville Festival 2022
Dangerous overcrowding – organizers cancel Kasalla performance

The Cologne band Kasalla performed at the Parookaville Festival on Saturday, but the performance had to be cut short because of too many fans in front of the stage. As a precaution, Mia Julia’s performance on Sunday was moved to the larger Bill’s Factory stage.

The performance of the popular band from Cologne attracted so many visitors that at some point the emergency brake had to be pulled. “Because many wanted to see the band, there was a large influx of spectators from two sides,” reports police spokeswoman Manuela Schmickler. It had become very, very tight. It quickly became clear that action had to be taken. The event was then canceled by the organizer. “The decision was the right one to prevent things from getting worse,” explains the spokeswoman.

The police did not have to intervene. The colleagues would have followed the situation from the roof of a bunker. After the performance was canceled, the crowd quickly got lost and the situation was under control again. There was no panic among the spectators, and there were no injuries. To be on the safe side, some fans would have let the Johanniter paramedics take care of them. At the next briefing, organizational measures were agreed to prevent such situations. That was also successful, according to the police spokeswoman on Sunday morning.

To be on the safe side, the organizers decided to move the popular Mia Julia’s performance on Sunday to the second largest stage, Bill’s Factory. Actually, she should also play in the Brainwash. The performance at Bill’s Factory was supposed to start at 3 p.m.

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The Brainwash stage is the area that primarily stands for party atmosphere. Things really get going here on a regular basis. The fans are crowded together. The critical problem with Kasalla apparently arose mainly in the rear area, which was limited by a few shops. Where otherwise normal through traffic flows, suddenly nothing went back and forth.

According to Philip Christmann from the Parookaville press team, the Johanniter, who have an accident help center near the stage, pointed out that there was potential danger when Kasalla performed. As a result, Bernd Dicks from the festival team came to the brainwash and got an overview from the mixing desk. It was decided to stop the performance after 45 minutes. We want to avoid any risk. Dicks made an explanatory announcement. The fans would have reacted understandingly and well. The crowd has dispersed. Kasalla’s musicians would also support the decision.

The incident raised the question of whether there aren’t too many fans at the site. That is definitely not the case, according to Christmann. The Brainwash is a small stage. Kasalla would have attracted such an incredible number of people. You design the program in such a way that the fans are distributed.

The band released a video on their Instagram page on Saturday. The performance can be seen on it, thousands celebrate visibly exuberantly to the Kasalla hit “Alle Jläser Huh” in front of a stage on the Parookaville.

In the text accompanying the post, the band then explains the reason for the cancellation. “Sorry Parookaville that we had to cancel, but safety first. You were just too many.”

And the users also report overcrowding. “The stage was ejust way too small for you and it escalated so much at the back”, writes a user. “We really panicked.”

Many of the fans are now demanding: Kasalla should appear on “Bill’s Factory” next year, one of the big stages of the Parookaville Festival.

The organizers expect around 225,000 people to attend Parookaville by this Sunday. The festival takes place on the site of the former Weeze military airport near the German-Dutch border. Around 300 artists perform on more than ten stages. You can read more about Parookaville on our special page.


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